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Biwiring - I Cant Choose a Cable!Nuck83
Market value for a used speaker?Nuck3
Hooking up 5.1 computer stereo to tvSteve1
Klipsch RB5 II, decent speakers?? Gavin R. Cumm24
Need help in new speaker purchaseFrank Abela18
EDS elite digital sound, EDS is a speaker van scamjim watson13
Can you get a GREAT Speaker for under 1K?david pannell19
Jan...need a little help please.Gavin R. Cumm2
Distortion: AHHH! Where is it coming from?John Scott3
Need help on speaker upgrade.Roderick Erwin20
Need your Opinion on a Receiver guy's.Jan Vigne3
Choosing speakers with Cambridge AudioHank1
Biwiring VS Better cableEMMANUEL CRUZ45
Monitor Audio Gold, Silver, and Bronze opnionsangello11
Best speakers for a small reflective room?EMMANUEL REYES CRUZ29
Which ones? Paradigm Monitor 90Ps or Sudio 100s?Art Kyle6
Amp selection for my HK AVR 630Jan Vigne96
Boston Acoustics speakers -- a good match for...Edster9227
My Journey has ended....:-):-):-)...Nuck34
Screwed again!Nuck13
Does anyone know Nuck41
Need suggestions for sub and surround and center speakers!!diatribe3
Alegria Audio Emmas - dakulis' first takeDakulis42
Logitech X-530 - fell of shelf :-(...Nuck6
Best speaker cable length?Frank Abela8
System audioBvan12
Wiring computer speakers to my receiverSrinivas Annavarapu4
Dyna 42C/122CBlazer5
Multi-sources; single set speakersEMMANUEL REYES CRUZ9
Box building designBelieve1
Audio dealers/salespeopleEdster9223
JBL cinema sound seriesTDog13
What speakers...Benjamin Borton8
I have decided to go for two pairs (decent pricing) of car speakers...Jan Vigne27
Speaker cables lose qualities with the age? Marco Viana3
Speaker cables loose qualities?Marco Viana7
B&W DM603 vs Infinity BETA40 vs KEF IQ5 vs QUAD 12Ljeff mannoia2
Polk RTi4 vs. JBL E50 Chris2
Best Bookshelf for Small RoomEdster9225
A few choices for bookshelfRick Zmiejko26
Will Rega Mira 3 mate well w/Polk RTi 10 or RTi12The Mortal One11
Sick of all the Car Audio threads here? Edster9222
ERAStu Pitt2
Offset midrangeStu Pitt16
Need help finding sub infoChristopher Lee2
Audition went GREAT. Bought Paradigm Studio 60 V3's.Ilker A.35
Anthony Gallo A'Diva TiMy Rantz8
Need help: good in-ceiling speakers?Gavin R. Cumm6
Speaker setupBerny9
Biwiring sonus faber grand piano and avr 5805. i am confusedBerny17
Boston Acoustics VR-M90...............Should I?Aaron Brasslett2
Martin Logan Aeon Sweet SpotJonathan21
What kind of sound does the Dynaudio Audience72 have?Adrian Carreon52
KEF iQ5Anonymous3
Speakers, amps and efficienciesMNR31
Speaker Wire lengthsNuck31
B&K QuestionGavin R. Cumm4
What speakers for Onkyo Amp?Rick Zmiejko5
How Much Hiss.....?Kent Ennis1
Selling My 901's..........Need something GOODGavin R. Cumm8
Is This A Good Idea?Stof28
JM-Lab questionTDog5
Mission m31i'sChristopher M.10
Klipsch synergy f-3Peter Galbraith5
Home Theater SpeakersEuton Lyons9
Got the foil...Gavin R. Cumm79
Floor speakers under $500Adrian Carreon52
In ceiling speakersGavin R. Cumm13
First Saturday of the monthNuck6
Vintage Klipsch Heritage vs. Altec Lansing speakers - First ListenJan Vigne20
Old speakers repair...Byron14
Any thoughts on the Yamaha YSP800 Real Multi-channel Surround from...B Sanderson1
Speaker setupJan Vigne3
Revel mystery dealersJL3
EDS-2850 ... worth $500 new????Nuck3
Warm amp or receiver to mate with Axiom M22ti's?Gavin R. Cumm22
Surround sound helpMarc Sherman3
Ok 2 use bi-wire wire on non-biwire speakers?Jan Vigne29
Is there a Doctor in the house..... Small opinion requiredFrank Abela12
Help with speaker jargonsty29527q 3656
Emma Gets Assaulted by ALRick Barnes15
JMLab Cobalt 826s vs Paradigm Reference Studio 100TDog36
Modify a tower speaker to be a center speaker?Jan Vigne8
Help to match up speakers to Yamaha home theaterMichael Cameron5
Sub HelpTim Browning5
Work-out roomRick Zmiejko11
Need to attach PC computer speakers to my TVblahcha3
Paradigm SA-35 Overkill for Surrounds?Gavin R. Cumm6
Any advice on combining electrostatic Mains with non-ES Center?Gavin R. Cumm2
Need quick help with Paradigm surroundsArt Kyle9
Floor speakers w/cheap Yamaha receiver?Gavin R. Cumm16
Faint Buzzing Coming From SpeakersJan Vigne2
Paradigm Studio 60's, cc-470 and SA-15R opinions...Ryan McCook4
JBL speaker questionAnonymous12
Energy RC-70t h4
Can this be fixed-Klipsch promedia 2.1 thx problem...Cinda Clark5
Those knuckleheads that think the subwoofer forum is a car area...Nuck58
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