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2 PortsJoshua Moye5
Curious, how many of you......Big_Edge_Head43
Aero ports for 2 HDC315 subsmatt41
Need help on my subsjoushua6
Some fan help plzchris suho13
Cutting corners on box buildingchris suho17
JVC Mobile's Hemp SpeakersChad Lee7
Box buildersJustin Ogle6
OT - i dont know why this is so funnyTremor112712
Trupan Ultralight?FisherCustoms.com29
Massive P3000.1's for sale cheapKevin Holden9
Need a cheap set of 4x6s and 6x9sCody Scott12
Massive Audio 3000.1 or MA Audio HK4000D?C. Reming30
Setting My Gain - 1 small problem.Colby22
What can I do about this?KiLLa7
Got my subs orderedJK25
Type r's or tcsounds tc-1000ctmike3
How to tune the boxchris suho9
OT. 20 years down the roadmatt20
Your opinionmatt7
Opinions about Sub alternatives?matt5
Testing the new improved nameraymond aparicio12
is this a good deal?[...Rovin...]3
Noob questionnick15
Need helpSnarl20042
18" BTLMr_Kebo12
Hooker wiring FS .. UPDATEDRob28
Chauncecal payne5
New Box!! (pictures)john kicker22
12w7Trey AKA thug money37
15HD3 + SAE-1000D = !!!!!...... not working? HelpNate So35
2 kicker l7 15'' 2 ohm....i don't know what to do..or JL 13w7??? so...Tremor112711
Nick VNick V5
Anyone from dallas?Justin Ogle2
One noobish mofo'ing questionPaul Larrea9
Earthquake D10, anyone know them?treo12
Search for Quality Component Speakers?Tremor112713
Great Amp Ending Soon. P1500.1bulldogsm20081
New subMat Dope *****5
Single Subkoz11
FS: kicker zx750 and DD 3512JK18
(2)TS-W3004SPL or (2) 12W6v2 Tyler9
For those of you curious about the horn.Polo4
ATTN: Chad Lee or BernyMACBernyMAC37
Battery QuestionM.S.5
Breakin in subs??? ogle's opinion doesnt count...Paul Larrea51
Juggernauts or DDChad Lee4
Need opinions(please)Ryan kirk11
New horn design for a DD9515Brad Warren39
Tc sounds v.s atomicSGDenny15
I Get......,.guess what guys!! lolCharlie Ried8
Battery options.......Tremor11275
Just tried the audioque 2.5 12 in a different boxsean10
OT: Voltage drop car alarms...Chad Lee6
Few pix for u guys :-)...james caroll17
For Sale- Atomic, Concept, KyoceraLogan39
Justin you on here still?JK9
Where can i find....jedi mind tricks4
Help asap!!!Aaron Pottinger6
Did someone buy this?St.LouieMoBass1
Was this a good setupHunter Warren7
Tommy Chong OwnSt.LouieMoBass11
I told you guys last nightAndrizzle27
Quick! Bought to order amp!KiLLa20
Link to find what your box is tuned at?My Name IS DRU not D8
Box buildersJK6
I Got Something N The Mail Today..james caroll14
Good idea or no?[...Rovin...]34
Anyone have any use for this??Chase Freeman1
Rockford fosgateJames Longo14
Mystery here whats going on?sean6
Ken Jones!!!loudblazer7
LoudonMike Loudon2
VisonikC. Reming5
ALPINE IVA-W200 install...HELP!!!Gurpreet Dhaliwal3
Any good new songs?jedi mind tricks8
Guess whats going in this box....Chad Lee22
Odd Noises From The Type RKevin Romano1
I got numbahs!!!sean31
Epicenter?ffeuku too5
Hk802sx for saleCody Scott8
My system needs helpcody lodermeier6
Sundown 3000dRob26
New fantasy football leauge...draft time decided hereReece Brassler37
QUESTIONraymond aparicio7
Will this be enough power?Steve H5
I have a little rattlesean4
So this is pretty funnyKingXOfXCleveland7
My budget build enclosure ( For fun/practice not competition)big harv7
Wall Socket Fun! and First Recone!Big_Edge_Head20
Crazy @$$ sh1t rite here My Name IS DRU not D6
OT - parking brake switchEddy DieZe6
Another 2nd battery threadmatt10
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