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DD's Got StolenKingXOfXCleveland33
Xmax Question when Designing Boxbassman347
What elseJoshua Moye3
Ok so what would be a better system????Robert18
Quick Question??Nick V2
Car audio batt as starting batt? trey goettling16
Best way to make a homemade ""where is it??""Retirenaz22s6
Herculiner double as sound deadener?Trevor Eaton6
On dual v/c how does the rating worklucas beckner4
So what causes dustcaps to blow off?Mat Dope *****11
Quick QKiLLa7
Best place for plansdenim10
Im sorry to make this threat about this kid... but kody is wack.Kaden Clark67
Having trouble putting sound system together.John Wheeler36
Kingrob/ogle box?Justin Ogle5
Tc soundRyan Hubartt5
System upgrade questionJordan11
AIM thread againjesse40
How many Dbs will i gainKiLLa22
New burp box is completed 48hz 3.5cuKiLLa20
Everyone please read this.SPLcraZe4Life160db B31
CCA's needed?M.S.4
James Caroll james caroll4
AWG questionBernyMAC10
Confused!!Justin Ogle31
Need help bulding box fo s15l7Justin Ogle3
Amp and Sub Installcal payne5
Joe BlanfordWolfman6
Sick of Giant Speakers?cam9
Big 3 fuse or no fuse?Tremor11277
Best Bass?trey goettling11
Setting Gain Attempt 1: FailedPaul Larrea95
New Alternator?M.S.10
Front stage with 2000W for lows?Technique5
Type R box look good?SkieS2
Battery isolatorBernyMAC3
Is this an ok system????John Wheeler15
Graduation.... new system time!Richard30
15 inch wangers clubM0nkeyman6927
Rims I'm gettinJK15
I need a song that hits a 54 hz bass note shootin for recordderek smith9
Ssd or sd.25??Big_Edge_Head12
Wood gluePaul Larrea15
Poly-fil???Paul Larrea11
Good box for 12" type R?FisherCustoms.com5
Any1 looking for shocker subsDustin Pettit1
Deadening a fiberglass boxMat Dope *****2
Box typeMeSoDumm7
Sub enclosure questionbassman318
Blown ClubKiLLa4
Lookin for a quick answer plz...bassman33
Help me with my xm radio pleasePhillip Solorio2
Does this sound mean my sub is blown?rick quigley4
BERNY MAC or anyone else...Tremor112714
Box design help...Eddy DieZe2
Wood cut ... FisherCustoms.com7
Box builder/installerFisherCustoms.com6
Need a box FisherCustoms.com14
Love my SUB!!!!John Wheeler16
Blown sub clubChauncey Brown16
Join the blown amp club.....Chauncey Brown46
Who on here runs 18" sub(s)Tremor112711
Guess my db score and win.......BernyMAC63
Quick bit of advice on running SubsKiLLa5
What sub should i pick. THE ANSWER IS HERE!KiLLa37
TRELL Hit me upKiLLa7
Not to take sides but..KiLLa19
Pricelist for digital designs?KiLLa12
RD Audio 15" Alpha forsaleKiLLa53
Is this for real?KiLLa12
Dayton ampspremier sound4
Enclosure Help logancam2
Reece Brassler!!! get at me with this great deal lolcam11
Stolen subsAndrew Capps45
I need an amp, and help..Phillip Solorio3
Problem with subShowrides2
Box question?premier sound5
***justin ogle***phillp26
Jibbs - King King remix?Tremor112734
Good SQ Sub/Subs to Replace Type R's on a kx1200.1Showrides8
Blanford + TL = Ecoustics Midwest Meet ???KiLLa29
The truth about alternators? Aruman31
Type R Xmax?John Wheeler6
Amp messed upKiLLa8
Wierd Box ResonationDJ Sterrett23
Man i just fu@ked my Q up!!!! :-(...Polo14
Check out this sq hot shotLogan13
Port question..... need help.John Stanley5
Wiring batteriesM.S.6
Well fried my first sub... MB quart 15"rick quigley11
Ot: what is the world coming to when you get carded for spray paint...Jordan24
Used equipment price list??? where to get if there is one!Mike Loudon3
Dont forget to call your Mom.Renegadesrun10
Any difference?KiLLa4
Tuning a box to a low frequency while maintaining specified dimensi...sean12
PG XENON 400.1 For sale!!!!! 105 shippedcam20
Power WireM.S.6
Something I think a couple members should read.KiLLa53
Paul Larrea and YanksFanWolfman16
How much?84linc11
Logan read manpremier sound1
Firday night adam kiker7
OT - torrentsA.H.6
Box stuffing?cam8
Who's the guy BernyMAC2
Bax stuffing?Jordan Singleton2
Which size do u think would be best for my APXChase Freeman8
Wish me luckrick quigley45
People Going to evansville.....KiLLa3
What 15" Sub will sound better than 2 Type R's in a Ported BoxSam9
Radio-Amp-Sub for under $600 new not usedM.S.2
What would you and how would you ?Sound_R_us4
What do U think?M.S.5
Kicker QuestionJoey DeSalvo2
OT: PIMP my Ride....Dieter Munch28
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