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Snail Shell?basslova42
My Moms car speakerAnonymous4
Need expert opinion: kicker VS. volfenhagBrandon riddell2
Power suppliesAnonymous7
Changing ohms.Matt Ferbend7
Power Acoustik FUBAR-12WSean Gibson8
Hey NIck!Hunter Warren44
Hz cutoff...D P W30
Help with subwoofersJacob Clabaugh12
Chevy Camaro what to put in it?Anonymous6
Any experience with shadow works?Brandon riddell7
How Do Orion H2 Compare to Brahma and JL W7RDS116
300 dolalrsBrandon riddell7
Blowed out the waterE16
RE 12"basslova4
James or MO i gotta questionMO22
Huge box problemJeremy Edwards18
The New BrahmasHunter Warren3
JL 12" w3v2 or Apline 12" Type RJames Longo13
Db q on 2 different sub set upsTrevor Eaton13
Sub box for a firebird ventedscott DeBaker3
Question about amp an subscott DeBaker7
BoxShawn M7
8ohm subJames Longo9
OoOo SnailshellJoe Smoe11
Simple Question... just don't know it lolGreg Sincer13
Decent amp for (2) atlas 12's?Ray Paek7
Yo all...simple questions 2 complete a projectdonny keen5
This box...Shawn M16
Subs to 4 ohm parrel?mikechec92
Type of Boxesmixneffect4
15's vs.12'sJacob Clabaugh8
Small subs, anyone?RDS114
Audiobahn helpRDS112
RoadmastersJoe Smoe4
3 way speakers(sorry speaker section non active)Joe Smoe2
Subs and ampsJeremy Edwards10
Anybody ever heard Audiobahn's AWP310T pro compressions?Jeremy Edwards2
Digital dimensionsMO5
SYSTEM COMPLETION with pictures(thanks to you all)Joe Smoe16
Powerin atlas235231
Speaker not workingsean3
Should i do this?sean3
Subs and ampssean9
For parents who disagree with their kids about Car AudioPharoh17
What should i get??MO9
Which is going to be better????!!!!!!!James Longo29
Need a suggestionClinton Lamberd1
Box inputAlpineThumping5
SoundSplinter RL-P vs ID MAX with 800wrms ( I know it's hard to tel...AlpineThumping12
Best sub for $500.00dino sway33
Check it out guys, selling ppi and jl audio amps on ebayJames Longo30
Jonothan! suggestion on type R'sAlpineThumping3
Amp for Eclipse AL 12'slucas beckner8
You Guys gotta REAd this man it was crzy as hell.basslova21
Question on Tuning boxesN T1
Need help building a box....myles1
3 12' atlas?dino sway5
What if i wire like this?dino sway5
Memphis LVS 15 vs. jl audio 12w7AlpineThumping14
Need box specs PLEASE idmax12Isaac2
Amp for Atlas Subdavid hizzle2
N-e infoAnonymous3
WTF!?...Jonathan, my ID max's only have 2 magnets?Joe Smoe9
JL representative just told me sumin i couldnt believe....Jonathan9
Mounting Depths and Enclosure size for...Justintoxicated8
Figuring out cubic feet of a boxmaximustexas8
Amp Help!!LatinLover3
Replacing 15" Kv. 2 (elemental designs)Holloway1
Help me decideAnonymous3
Sub ComparisonJake Hill3
What is DB?Big D4
Looking to replace 15" l7s David Brunner2
10w7 or 12w7 running off 500/1 - which is louder/better?Nick Price7
Power Acoustic and american bass own all!Nick Price12
Need to know moreE2
Polyfill igniting? YikesThatGuyYouKnow9
Ma AudioAlex Ochoa1
ID v.3 12" D2 or Rockford HEAlex Ochoa1
Question on HrtzN T9
What subs?Jacob Clabaugh3
This a good box?Jonathan7
Re subJoe Smoe2
Best Quality AMpsMO9
Is it true????lucas beckner6
Pioneer Premier seriesJoe Smoe8
Are memphis subs any good????Brandon riddell11
Sub and port displacementFishy2
Subs for box he has alreadyFishy4
Will this be okay???Fishy7
12W7 3ohms or 1.5 ohms??Justintoxicated6
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