Chevy Camaro what to put in it?


Well I got a 1997 Chevy Camaro! I want my system to really bang and sound good but still be able to drive as an everyday car! I want it to out thump 3 12" Fusion Powerplants and a Memphis mono block amp! What should I get? And I dont want to spend to much $$$$

how much money exactly do you have/want to spend because if you want to be loud it's going to cost you unless you go with crappbahn or somthin

Well I want to spend around 800 on amp, subs, box!

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i suggest you save up then, seriously. Dont rush into buying crap...or you'll seriously regret it later, unless of course you wanna learn the hard way. It might teach you a lesson.

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Well, I don't know if you'll beat the 3 12's... but you could buy 1 12, or 15 RE x.x.x for like $400, and for the amp, Hifonics BX1500D for $200. Then you will have around $150 for wiring, and box.

yea or you could get those ascendant audio atlas 12's those deffinately AREN'T crap but there not a SPL sub more of a SQ sub but they do get loud-- that'll run you about 350shipped(100$a piece) and then get an amp that runs about 900w rms probably at 1ohms(im not sure what 3 subs wired together what load youd get) and get a decent amp for about 250 then you have 150 left for wiring/box/install- you should be happy with those subs though
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