Small subs, anyone?


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i am looking to get some low end bass for a volvo i have. i am NOT looking for obnoxiously loud or boomy bass. i dont want an enourmous box in my trunk that takes up way too much space. i have been thinking of using small 6.5" multimedia subs from partsexpress manufactured by tang band. i was thinking of mounting the subs where the rear deck speeakers would normally go. is this a dumb idea or what? should i make a box for it? i want to keep the trunk as spacious as possible so dont really want to get an 8" sub and make a box for it. i dont want to turn my car into a ghetto blaster, just want some tighter bass. any suggestions would be appreciated.

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No, the 6.5's really aren't a dumb idea. I wouldn't put them in the back on your rear deck though. What size are your stock speakers? A nice component set wouldn't cost a fortune, and should easily fit your needs.

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thanks for the input. i am actually going to be upgrading the stock stuff with some new stuff but dont want to be spending too much on it. i was thinking of getting infinity reference 6002s for front and back then possibly hook up an amp for the subs in the back somewhere. if you were to use those subs where would you put them? what component systems would you recommend? this would be for a '91 volvo 740. the main reason I wanted to do it that way was so that the only wiring i would have to do would be the power cable and patch cable for the amp. I didnt want to have to do rewiring for the speakers and the rear deck is simple enough, i think. this would be my first car audio upgrade so i dont want anything too elaborate. thanks for the help.

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I'm thinkin what Joe said be4 readin his answer. If you want to add bass but don't want to use up any room get some components. Its tough to tell how much elaborate work would go into it because it depends on the size and type of components you get, but Ideally, you would have the woofer go in the speaker slot and either mount the tweeter next to it if there is room, somewhere on your dash, or you could get the components that allow the tweeters to be mounted over the woofer so it becomes like a coaxial, but you get component quality.

How Much you willing to spend? You would need an amp to drive components by the way.

As far as the 6.5 subs, JL makes some decent ones the 6W0, but remember, 6.5 inch subs aren't always gonna cut it. Ive heard them and they put out some bass but its nothin more than a componet set could do
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