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Gw plz explain[...Rovin...]2
What should I do ~ Charger caught on fire from faulty installDIRTDIG1
'85 Ramcharger project - Head UnitNic3
Double front baffle?TWiZTiD15
Any1 here recone woofers?Jexx6
Looking for some new 12sKyle Longbrake6
ED 13av2 boxNate So3
~ Another box build ~steve26
3 10's setup & AudioPulse subsDrizzy19
2 12" Type X's or a single 13w7?Yanks Fan6
Box build 1.6 cubes @ 31 hzKyle8
Focal ca-165?The_boss1
Talk about brand loyalty.GlassWolf9
What subs would be comparable to a Fi Qsean5
Getting some new speakersShawn Dooley5
Ordering a Fi - Q i need help !deathoob9
Slot ported box for alphasonik psw812 subs dan7
Hey markMark Brockman7
Hows this box design lookThe_boss1
Uhmm is it suppose to look like that?deathoob5
Difference between v2 and v3 alpha?Joshua M. Jones1
Ads on these threads annoying anyone else?GlassWolf18
Fi - Q and Id Q questionsGlassWolf2
Sound deadening suggestionssteve11
What is equal or better to a Kappa Perfect?Keith5
Chad Lee,Chauncy,Drivenreckless,LoganSnow26
Time to start the build! need help thoughsean36
I find it weird that....sean2
Frustrated..wat would you guys do?GlassWolf25
What subwoofers should i buy?[...Rovin...]9
Alpine HelpGlassWolf2
Need help on choosing a pair of subsGlassWolf4
Getting hammered by some virus/malware...-Eric-6
Help with building circle port calculationJoe18
Sub break-in tone sweep?steve6
Alpine Helpa.k.a. "J"1
CVX or L7???[...Rovin...]26
Subwoofer stopped working all the suddenKeith12
TYPE R- VENTED ENCLOSURE HELP- box builders please speak out-GlassWolf2
Sub not working correctly?Mark Highland6
Too much RMS to infinity Kappa Perfect?Keith11
New Deck.Kyle15
Jl audio 6w3v3Drizzy1
Advantages of a bandpass boxcwruck13
Ported boxes IM VERY VERY CONFUSEDCanaan3
New helpful stuff for car audioSean P27
Might be looking for an upgrade.jake papa9
You think craigslist is bad..Shawn Dooley11
1/0 gauge ring terminal will not fit on my positive battery termina...M.S.16
Eclipse questionsHannibal1
So i have a few questions.GlassWolf3
Tc9 = fi q SQ?GlassWolf6
Need help picking a sub!!!!GlassWolf10
Frustrated..wat would you guys do?Zack1
Beginner needs some help.GlassWolf7
Help with sound cancellation Shawn Dooley6
Electrical questions threadGlassWolf18
Almost verything is ordered, Just waiting on shippingJoe19
AQ20K are available[...Rovin...]24
Build a Box today - need help asap thanks!! (designs )[...Rovin...]12
Happy Birthday BernyMaclOwLiFe13
This seems like a great pricedeathoob4
Craigslist pisses me offThe_boss15
Is this guy serious???deathoob11
Box helpThe_boss11
Gain Industries ???GlassWolf5
Quick questionGlassWolf5
Head unit turned off... mph meter movedGlassWolf5
Jl audio w7 13 blow through box help anyone !!!!jose13
Storytime w/ Canaan.....v. 13" flipdown.Troy Jones6
Should i get all this?GlassWolf6
What size speaker wire?GlassWolf5
DD 3515e'scwruck9
Tell me what you all think bout this set up...Joe5
Need a little help with wiring...GlassWolf13
Need some of your time/ alot of helpsean12
Avalanche 2-DD3515 6th ordersean16
4 12's in explorer PICS!sean5
Kappa Perfect Vs any Kicker sub sealed ?Keith4
Box pics 4 dd 2512ssean13
Need help finding a bass amp battery asap PLZ!M.S.6
FS Sundown saz1500d, CDT HD3, CDT SatNet 480 Crossoversean3
Polyfill in box?The_boss9
Need help with sub wiringSean P18
Sub help!!!GlassWolf13
Sub help!!!Shawn Dooley2
This sub or that sub?GlassWolf19
Audio Pulse Epic 12" or Alpine R-type 12"Josh12
13.5 W7 with Kicker zx1500.1 is this okay??GlassWolf30
Sealed box with Type - R 12 , 98 Nissan Sentra, Design help ?Keith13
HelpKyle Longbrake8
Jl audio w7 13jose10
OT. Taking out my ac for a larger alternatorTroy Jones2
Cerwin vega 124The_boss3
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