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ok i have a quick question i dont know the answer too but i have always wondered about.
lets say we have an amp like a hifonics bxi2010d when you look at it and look at the speaker inputs where you wire the subs too. you will notice there are 2 positives and 2 negatives. so 2 sets instead of just 1 set. What im wondering is lets say i buy 2 subs both are 2 ohm dvc. is it possible to run those subs at 1 ohm off of the amp?
You can just wire each sub by itself in parallel and have it at 1 ohm and wire that too 1 of the pos and neg on the amp and do the same for the other sub.
The reason for doing this would be, maybe the sub you want is only available in 2 ohm dvc but you want 2 of them and want to run at 1 ohm and not .5 ohm.
is this right? would that work?

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no way to wire a pair of 2 ohm DVC subs to a mono amp to get 1 ohm.
You'll either need a second identical amp (one per sub) or a 0.5 ohm stable amp like an Orion HCCA, or you need a pair of bridged 2 channel amps @ 4 ohms each. one per sub.

the terminals on a mono amp (when there are two pair) are in parallel. It's the same as just having one pair of terminals. The reason for the added pair of terminals is just convenience.

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^^i think it might be a topic to add to ur site since alot of ppl keep asking this .....

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you can get a 2 ohm final load tho

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yeah he can get 2 ohms, but apparently he wants a 1 ohm load.

Rovin, last link under the "Subwoofers" category

Posted that link on the 19th.
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