TYPE R- VENTED ENCLOSURE HELP- box builders please speak out-


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I know this topic has been beaten down into the ground, but I am in need of some "honest" seasoned advice-.
I'm tired of my local shops all having a difference of opinion based on what they have to offer-
I have 2 <<type>> dual 2ohm subs-
I have been through about 12 different sets of woofers as I have an audio addiction like most of you on here-
I went to these mainly because they fell in my lap and I wanted to give them a good run.
I was not happy with there output in a sealed enclosure so I went vented- Still not satisfied that they are running up to there full potential based on what I have heard from others- I know there are uncontrolled variables not debating cars acoustics today-

Does anyone know if there is a specific vent structure within a box that will compliment this specific sub better-
Currently have the box with Vent in middle of subs and they share with an open back. Last thing i was told these perform better with Y Vent-
Can anyone share->
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vented box, either one 4" ID port (minimum inner diameter) per sub, or one slot vent running the length of the box would be my personal route. I'd tune the port(s) to around 28-32Hz. Fine an amp for them that puts out about 1200 watts continuous x 1 channel @ 2 ohms.
That'll feed each sub ~ 600 watts.
you'll also want a subsonic filter set to about the same point as the tuned frequency, and set your amp's LPF to 50Hz, 18-24dB slope, bass boost settings off, phase @ zero, and set the gain properly to match the input line voltage.
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