I find it weird that....


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....there are shows on the Discovery and History Channel that are about my job and some of my friends/family's jobs.

Kinda weird, at least.
Pawn Stars....Swamp Loggers....River Monsters....Oil, Sweat, Rigs...and crap like that???

Hell, I work at a Pawn/Audio shop. My brother is on a work-over rig. And a friend of mine is a logger (in Louisiana, so consider it 'swamp logging'). 2 of my uncles are commercial fisherman. 5 or more relatives...grandpa, cousin's, uncle's, are carpenters. my life a Discovery Channel episode? Should I take up Parkour so I can get on MTV??? Hell, half the stuff I do could make its way on Jackass or the Dudeson's. Next thing I know, my Dad's Turtle Farm will be a series on TV.

Oh, and on a side note....
Les Claypool did the intro for RobotChicken.

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They are secretly spying on you haha
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