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hi guys im looking for some new subs im going to be building a box next weekend, plan on it being 4.0 cu ft after port and sub displacement and tuned to 34 hz. cant quite be exact with sub displacement as im trying to decide but all subs are going to be very very close and i will make it work out to be those specs.
i have a few in mind ill post some links to check them out. looking at running a 1 ohm so i need dvc 4 ohm subs or svc 2 ohm subs
for the budget money really isnt too big of a deal but im wanting to stay around $300 i figure i can get the performance i need with that. looking for more spl or sq
my amp is a sundown sae-1200d v2 so will be running 1200 or so at 1 ohm
heres some links of subs
eclipse sw8210 TRK:MEWAX:IT

eclipse sw6210 lower power handling but higher sensitivity.. not sure how it compares to 8210 TRK:MEWAX:IT

cadence wild beast TRK:MEWAX:IT

diamond d6s TRK:MEWAX:IT

Re se but has pic of new series se.. i dont know about that..

or i could go with dc lv 3s but thats over 300..
right now im thinking the cadence wild beasts. they are ugly but ive read very good things about them getting loud and maintaining sq, and they are cheap.
I also like the looks and stats of eclipse and diamond but have never heard them, not sure if they get loud or not.
and everyone loves re's se series but i wonder if they are the best, or if something i listed was better.
looking for 2 12s i mean i could always go with a dd9512 but i dont see it being louder than 2 12s with my power
like i said just looking to get loud as possible any comments are appreciated. thanks guys

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Username: Cwruck

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please dont say get mtx9500s im trying to stay close to 300 for both subs, i only have so much power and i dont see it worth spending 600 or more for subs that are not really going to make a difference in performance for all the money spent, why spend 300 more just to have better subs that will give me a .2 db increase.. no need for it, i would rather spend 300 or so and save some money to upgrade my front stage

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If you are going to have a ~4.0 ft^3 box, tuned at 34 Hz and you want an affordable sub, Alpine Type R is the first thing that comes to my mind.

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links not working

is it 300 for both subs ? ...

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ya the diamond d6s are 300 for a pair
the eclipse sw8210s are 300
the eclipse sw6210s are 230
the cadence wild beast are 230
and the re se is 300
and the dc lv 3s are 360 for a pair.
ive had type rs and i feel there has to be better

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you could get jl 12w3v3 for $160 each
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