Tell me what you all think bout this set up...


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I know I just started a thread saying how much I love my current setup but I get bored easliy. So sometime in the distant future I am really considering going with this set up


Not sure on HU,probablly Alpine tho.

Any thought,opinions,recomendation on this equipment? Ive always wanted to run all the same brand just for looks or whatever lol. Alo Ive heard great things about that sub and the comps. I already have the JBLBPx500.1 and its a beast for as small as it is. Only thing thats kinda sh*tty about the sub is,it has dual 3ohm coils,why i dont really know. It shouldnt really be a big deal tho. I just want a sub that goods pretty loud but will still retain SQ,leaning more towards SQ. And I want my comps to have great midbass(since my DLS comps now kinda lack in it) and will get extremely loud,when i want them too. So I think i will like the titanium tweet.

This wont be for a while but im just trying to get ideas for now. I might even try to start sellin my current equipment so i can buy the JBL stuff. Hell i dont know its about 10mins til 5 and Im half buzzed up and rambling on so Im gonna end this now.

Just let me know what you all think about my selected equip. Thanks and peace!

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Username: Joebruce

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Well WTF happen to being able to link a website on here? I was only away for 5-6 month and now for some reason i cant link websites when I post? I mean you can always copy and post them but who wants to to that? lol oh well

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2 hifonics 2607s, 2dcSounds12xls SPL\idmax12SQ

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you link in the preview post section

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click the URL button in the menu bar just above the edit box when replying or posting. It's just to the right of the Italics button.

Just list what the items are. That would be fine too.
opening 12 pages of store sites to see what you chose is more work, and I'm really, really lazy.

I''m like a sloth. I just roll over my keyboard slowly and press random keys.

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^^^^ agreed
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