What subwoofers should i buy?


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I am currently in the market for subwoofers and have been for about two months now and i've narrowed down my ideas to the brands of Kicker, Soundstream, or Alpine.

I'm so stressed out the though because i keep on going back and forth between what I want to buy and i can never make my decision.

Which is a better subwoofer?

Kicker 15" L7 2ohm (1000w RMS/2000w Peak)
(2 of these + amp will add aup to around $820)

Alpine 15" Type-R 2ohm (750w RMS/2000w Peak)
(2 of these + amp will add up to around $700)

Soundstream 15" R1 Reference 4ohm? (1300w RMS/2600w Peak)
(2 of these + amp would add up to: Around $850)

*I'll probably be pairing any of these up with a 2000watt PCX2000D Soundstream Picasso Amp. (Will this push any of them?)

Money is a factor as well, but im willing to pay around 800 or so.

What should i do? I'm so confused :[

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Why are those your "only choices?"

The only one of those 3 I'd even consider owning is the Alpine.
There are better subs for aroound the same cost. Are those the only brands your local Best Buy or AutoZone carry?

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Fi SSD. AQ1200D.

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Hey now -- I know it's easy to skip over the brand Soundstream nowadays, and for mostly good reason -- but the R1 is one serious driver. Easily the best of those three, and one of my favorite current SQ+ subs.

But how he figures he is going to get two 15's and an amp for $850 I have no idea. Unless he has a line on 2000RMS monoblocks for next to free.

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and upgrade alt.... and boxes....0 gauge etc

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easy, man. BOSS, Audiobahn, or Pyramid! 5000 watts max! $129!

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^^^btw fail boat if you own^^^^

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'''''''Fi SSD. AQ1200D.'''''''

nice choice

but u may have to explain it to him since he seems like a newb & probably dont know what ur talking about

google fi car audio > speakers > 15" SSD > get the 2ohms version & read what their options are about > order to suit

google audioque > amps > 1200D ...

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1 15 = 152.5 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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u can get sub & amp combos ...
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