Kappa Perfect Vs any Kicker sub sealed ?


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Ok, i've narrowed it down , i want to go sealed around the 1 cubic foot range. All sound quality,I'm looking at a Kappa perfect and a Kappa series sub. What's the difference between Kappa and Perfect? Also , what Kicker sub can match up to the Kappa? Also I'm going for a single setup. I have 600 Rms on tap to run it, Why infinity and Kicker? cause i get ridiculous discounts at work and this is the best choice for me. I'm also considering Kicker ks6502 componets and RS602,RS652 models over the Kappa series componets. any experience with them?

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The Perfect has a cast frame, better cone, spider, surround etc. compared to the Kappa.

"What Kicker sub can match up to the Kappa?" Well if you are talking about the sound of two drunken sailors farting on your neck... then any Kicker, but if you are talking sound accuracy, none. They wouldn't like that box anyways.

The Infinity 60.9cs comps would be decent, better than either of those Kickers.

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Kicker's Comp CVR and CVX lines are probably closer to a SQ sub than any of the square solobaric line could hope to be, but yeah, the Infinity drivers are all SQ targeted, so they're really more in line with a system built for accuracy over SPL.

Kicker is happy with their reputation for being loud, regardless of how good or not the speakers may sound doing it, or how long they last at it. Their old C and F series round subs, and the first gen round solobarics that were designed for small sealed enclosures were outstanding drivers, but when they started with the square subs, they changed course pretty drastically.

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Good info guys , i appericiate the input alot. Today i got my headunit in, the S600 Kickers in the rear deck, RCA's ran, car fullt detailed. Resprayed and glued the head liner, detailed the indie and outside ,wash / waxed. Titled the car, got my new plates, insurance transfered plus my ipod and usb ports installed. all harnesses's wred for dimmers so when the lights come on the radio dimms. The REM set up. just a ton to get the car drivable for work tomm. I'm beat. I'll deff be going with the Kappa perfect, should i go with a 10 or 12 inch? I heard Kappa comps are a bit bright, would i notice Kappa vs kappa perfect comps by a huge amount?
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