Talk about brand loyalty.


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A month ago I sold a guy a used Alpine PDx1000.1 for his D4 L715. Install it all in his car and he is on his way bumpin. bout 3 days later he shows back up w/ the sub rattling. Sure enough, triple joint is broken. He leaves and comes back w/ a brand new L715 for me to install. Ok, all good now.

Nope. He blows the new L7 in 2 days! Heads to another shop and buys another one. He just left the shop, came by because the PDX was blowing fuses. His 3rd L715 THIS MONTH has a shorted coil. It was showing 1ohm and blowing fuses in the amp (D2, was wired to 4ohm). He left to go get ANOTHER L7.

I wonder how long #4 will last him?
He has taken subs in and out of the box so many times I doubt this one will mount securely to the box.

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at this point i think he is killing them, that many L7 cant die that fast unless you are doing something horrible to them. they should last at least a week each.

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Dammmm i would suggest another sub to him. I also think he doing something wrong though. Maybe his box is off point really really bad.

I was at a Brazilian comp the other day and it seemed everyone had two 15 inch L7's with two Kicker 2500 amps.

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that sounds more like who has the best electrical, box, and vehicle dynamics comp.

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With all the money he spent on those L7s he could have gotten himself a real set of woofers, upgraded his electrical and have a beasty amp.

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i wish i had that guys budget, i would have flown bassman3 out hear to remodel my trunk and then some.

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I had some bad luck with l7's before. I went thru 4 of them myself, each only lasting a few days.
I bought the first one as a referb for 200ish
went thru 2 more referbs, Then Kicker sent out a new one as a replacement, All of these were under warranty.
After I got the new one, it was fine for 3-4 months, then I sold it for like 300.
Sure he has a good juice supply to the amp? low voltage couse cause the amp to clip it to death. Also is the gain set up? bassboost, ect..?
could be just bad luck with bad subs. it happens. However kicker has great CS, so i am glad the are covering him.

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its sounds like you need to introduce him to other quality brand names and show him what they DD

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the amp is clipping, and with 1Kw to a 750 watt sub, that clipping is destroying the sub.

this is too much bass boost, gain too high, and/or lack of sufficient electrical system to power the audio system.
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