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go d da mn im confused about what these different box builders are telling me, just so much conflicting BS. ok the guy at abcwarehouse who has his own shop and does custom stuff and what not says every box has to be made SPEcifically for each sub, and that just a right size box and a tuned frequency will not work for different subs as there are other aspects that must be accounted for. For example what im trying to say is hes saying that if 1 sub is optimal say in a 2.25 at 32 box, and is made SPECIFICALLYy say for an fi q will not work for say an ssa icon 12 even if it as well optimal at 2.5 and 32 as well because theres a lot of factors that can be changed in the box and big differences should be made. Now here's where i get confused and someone maybe misleading me. Another guy says that a 2.5 at 32 box will work for any sub say that is optimal at 2.5 and 32, so basically hes telling me the icon and fi q would work in that same box. Can some smart box builders please tell me whos right and go in a little detail as well. thx a lot

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Seems like you have been having some issues with the abcwarehouse guys. He is not correct though. He might be talking about just the specifications and how they are different when designing each box. But say you have a 2.5cuft box @ 32hz, there are multiple subs that would work great in that box. In that case, the ICON and Q would work well in that box. A box is a box... some specific volume (cuft) and port length (tuning)

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Yep. some subs simply work better in different designs. Say you have a 2.5cuft box w/ 35sq inches of port area tuned to 35hz...I could name dozens of 12" subs that will work well in that box, hell, alot of pairs of 10's will work well in it! Some will just perform better than others.

As far as one box being better than others, alot of that will depend on the vehicle. Port and sub direction and actual in-car tuning will come into play. That same 2.5cuft box w/ sub and port back may work well in a trunk car, but sub back port to the side may do better in others.

You will also notice that different subs will play louder or deeper in the same box. That is why tweaking the box to the listeners taste is so important. Yes, a reasonably nice design will work w/ alot of subs, but nailing the person's musical need down and designing around them is better.
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