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okay, i have a 1000watt sony xlpod sub(XSL120P5A), and a 850watt monoblock(ssl is all i know) amp, my mate has a 600 watt fusion sub and a 450 watt fusion amp, and his thumps way harder than mine, both in sealed boxes,

why doesn't mine thump so hard?

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could be a lot of raesons, really.
box specs
driver specs
amplifier settings
amplifier power (max or peak versus RMS)
vehicle types and corresponding environmental variables
all the rest of your and his system (other than just sub and amp)
electrical systems

many factors

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Woofer Size (cm) 30
Type Enclosure / Single Voice Coil
Peak Power (W) 1000
Rated Power (W) 300
Weight (kg) approx. 4.35
Impedance (ohm) 4
^ sony specs

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Coil Height (Hvc)
Compliance (Cms) 167.36
Cone Area (Sd) 49.1
Electrical Q (Qes) 0.372
Force Factor (Bl) 17
Free Air Resonance (Fs) 30
Linear Excurson (Xmax) 9
Mechanical Excursion (mm) 25
Mounting Depth 155mm
Outside Diameter 320mm
Sensitivity (dB) 89
Mechanical Q (Qms) 2.521
RMS Power Rating (Watts) 250
Total Loudspeaker Q (Qts) 0.324
VAS (CuFt) 2.02 VAS (L) 57.3
Mounting Diameter 275mm
D.C. Coil Resistance (Re) 3.5
Max Power (Watts) 600
Frequency Response 30Hz-2.4Hz
^fusion specs.

i have now idea on how big the boxes are and the specs they are.
i have mine in a toyota landcruiser(wagon)
he has his in a hyundai accent(hatchback)

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both of ur guyses systems blow... that xplode will prolly blow soon and ur friends fusion stuff is just terrible.. u got money for a new system? well hook u up bro

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i got it for $200, and i live in australia, i'll be getting some money soon to buy new stuff like 800 or more

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my old room mate had 2 fusion 12's on a 320 watt class a/b kicker amp, it dident sound bad for 40$, but the 10" type E i put in my g/f's car was almost as loud on 175 watts. the xplode subs suck there amps have sucked ever senths they fired there r&d team and found out they can just put fugged numbers on there boxes and they will still sell.

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rosrock, you should seriously reconsider how you talk to people. there is no reason to dump on them like you are.
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