Tc9 = fi q SQ?


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im about to buy a tc9 from a dude tonight, and was just asking some questions bout it and he said its SQ compares to the fi q! is this true?

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heres a vid of it.
also, isnt 160 shipped a really good price for this?

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hmm never had an fi q i always have wanted one though i would like to run 2 but thats just a little too much for me to spend, im not the kind of person to dedicate everything to just my car system.
but ill tell you i have had the tc sounds tc9 and it was a wonderful sub but i dont know if it was the cleanest sounding sub, it did sound good but i just havent heard anything that can compare to jl w3v3s, i just love those subs.
but 160 shipped is a good price, i would say, i got mine for like 130 like a year ago and i feel that i stole the sub for that price.
ive also had a tc sounds tc3000 and thats an amazing sub too, much better than the tc9 but of course wayy more money.
but honestly man you cant go wrong with that sub in a good box
but thats a bad vid all you really see is its xmax and it sounds like the coils are going too

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I run an 18" Q in my HT and it replaced my 15" Mag. BOTH quality drivers. The Q has always impressed me and will be one for suggestion on SQ for a long time. While I dearly miss my Maggie the Q has held its' own and then some. I had a TC9 briefly but never did a one on one comparison. We raffled it off to benefit something Mike Louden was sponsoring for a school IIRC. Bottom line it's a good driver.

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Both are awesome drivers. You really cant go wrong with either one.

Maybe someone will agree with me on this... but the Q has a different sound to it than a lot of other woofers. I cant really put my finger on what the difference is but I feel like I can always pick it out of the group. I also have the same "sense" with the AA Havoc.

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the word for which you search is, "timbre" ( pronounced |tam'-bur| )
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