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Digital 5.1 not working need helpJeremy Salda7
Having trouble with home theater system audioManuel Vilchez7
DTS Bass problemsJeremy Salda2
URGENT helpMathew Thomas1
Component input problemsBerny2
Yahama Receiver Helpaj6
6.1 not working Berny7
Did I connect my TV to H/K correctly?sinkdraiN4
Samsung LCD TV w/Sony Surround Sound ProblemBrian Parsells1
Having DVD surround sound troublesAnonymous1
Will This Work?monkey man jack4
PS2 with Surround sound?Andrew Stevenson17
Set up for new home theatre, 5.1v.6.1v.7.1Berny2
Can only get pro logic please helpBerny2
Denon AVR-1804 vs. Yamaha RX-V650 ReceiverAnonymous2
New Yamaha 2500 / What Speakers to useAnonymous2
Is a subwoofer a standard speakerAnonymous2
6.1 problemsEd M2
What's 7.1 ????monkey man jack7
Creative DDTS-100 decoderAnonymous2
Help me with tv surroundGP5
Questions about using DTS ES 6.1 discrete with 7.1 setupJames3
Xbox + Z-680: where's the surround sound? theaznshadow3
Please help me receiverkevin olheiser1
Getting DTS to work...?Loel3
I am trying to hook up a Cambridge Ensemble IIIJohn Mousseau1
Need some big help hooking speakers up using A/V cables through my ...ZeroHtz2
Panasonic HT-920 flashing in front with no soundAnonymous1
Cant get DTS-ES on Onkyo 770Berny4
5.1 worthwhile for downloaded music?Andrew Stevenson2
Shows in DD Surround?! Anonymous4
Can I add more speakers to my stereo?Chris Laudermilk2
Pro logic II surrounds sound slightly garbled...Berny3
Trouble decoding DTS and Dolby Digital signal with Denon AV 1803BrendaB3
Side or rear surround settings.IAIN4
5.1 analog connectionJohn A.8
Digital Audio Output Problems on Scientific Atlanta Cable BoxesMischa1
TV audio ? in pro logic IIBerny2
Upgrading Panasonic VK-550 to Dolby DigitalHarigoud3
No digital Input Samsung DS610J Tsultim5
Question about DTS moviesBerny2
PrologicClaire Martella3
DTS Neo:6Berny3
Not receiving Dolby Digital or DTS sound from receiverAnonymous11
Dolby Virtual Surround: Others besides Denon?Oscar C. Lee3
I am looking for some help with my kenwood recieverBrenden West10
Which ways best?Brenden West3
What am i missing in dts 24 /96Brenden West6
H/K AVR-430 Keeps shutting off????Scott1
Separate Center Channel question???Scott1
Mordaunt Short Surround decoderSteve Kemp1
Kenwood VR-6050 and Yamaha speakersJ1
EX/ES material and 5.1 speakers Berny3
Rear Center Speaker1st612
Confused about PLIIChris Laudermilk10
Hang Surround speakers on wallHTIB Help2
6.1 vs 5.1Berny4
Independance Day the movie ... what's with the audio?Berny2
Onkyo 770 Speaker SetupEd9
Denon or Marantz AV Receiver for Music?Falp6
Fuzzy Center Channel OutputAnonymous1
Very basic questionBerny4
Rear surround speakers not distinctBerny4
Virtual surround HT Help2
NSX-S555 & surround ladyb1
How should I hook my devices up to my 5.1 system?Amir Hammou3
How do I hook up my computer to my 5.1 receiverAmir Hammou3
Noob on the loose, no opticalA/V studio installat4
TV as center channel?Jacob Saenz6
Im new but have a questionpaul simpson1
PS2 Only Plays Audio In Pro Logic 2 mode - not Dolby Digital - HELP!Jimmy Ddoukas4
Fixed Audio out on Akai and Samsung 42"Rear projection HDTV?Anonymous1
All speakers work but one is too quietliz4
Receiver troubleBerny2
Best DTS DVDsBerny10
Loud Music, Quiet Vocal. NAD t760guest2
Troubles with my Yamaha HTR 5250Frank1
DTS problems with Panasonic DVD-F85S and Onkyo 650Berny2
Sound cutting off when movie track goes SilentJamie Sanchez1
2.1 to 5.1Devanand1
Popping sound through speakersAnonymous2
TV playing thru surround sound questionSD 11
Malfunctioning Dolby decoder?Will_T_C1
Onkyo TX-600/no 5.1Robert Scimone1
Av receiversBerny2
Help with matching onkyo speakers and receiverwilliam whiteside1
What is THX and DTS?Anonymous5
Remote controlgoutah3
DPL-IIX question on Yammy RX1400Anonymous8
Can someone enlighten me on the different Dolbys?J. Vigne6
SACD - versus - DVD AudioDan_Unregistered3
Newbie's questionsEd Sullivan3
Converting 5.1channel input to 5.1 channel output?Ed Sullivan3
Str-de895 with 4 ohm speakersShan Tao2
DTS QuestionRicky Pearson3
Advise for Panasonic SA-XR50S with JBL SCS160SIBerny2
Yamaha 5760143gadgets1
Which is better: SRS Circle Surround II or NEO:6 ?Anonymous5
Autoswitch from PCM to Bitstream on NAD T533Johan1
Digital Connection - Optical/CoaxGeorge Tench3
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