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Trying to Decide what would compareDBaez028
Ok stupid questiondeathoob38
Subwoofer hardly noticeableM.S.33
Setting gain with DMMsteve17
Cadence a7hcSomeDonnieDude22
JL Audio 12 W3V3 & 500/1M.S.13
Amp settingsdeathoob2
8" Woofersperfectcircle19
Large subwooferssteve10
RE SX helplOwLiFe15
What should I do ~ Charger caught on fire from faulty installM.S.17
What are slugsThe_boss4
Need custom box in alaskagoodie15
Can I power my speakers and dual subs with one amp?Mark Highland8
Speaker ohm changed???GlassWolf8
Fiberssing two type X'sMike1
Recone came need gluedBlk5
Sub not hitting like i think it should... and speakersM.S.6
Just got a pioneerdeh 6900Mark Highland11
I think i finally fig out what imma docwruck4
My tooth fell outThe_boss12
Box size : } Bassman318
Cheap upgrade possibly?Carl Malone5
Baby vomit and kids cryingShawn Dooley12
Sub surround came unglued... wtfKeith9
Soundsplinter battlecwruck13
ProboxMark Brockman3
Which sub should i getMaximillian Arango4
Scrapin the coast?Motha Ducka4
Kicker shallow mountM.S.4
Can someone explain group delay and phase response to me?GlassWolf4
Need Box Opinion For 2 12" Re Audio SX's in Quad Cabcwruck3
Ported 10 or dual 12s sealed GlassWolf7
Changing the hzGlassWolf18
This amp?cwruck2
2-2 ohm subsM.S.3
Need different amp[...Rovin...]3
"Dieseling" subs.Jay DeWeese7
12" or 15"The_boss7
Need Help Choosing Sub Before SPL Comp.[...Rovin...]16
Complete System Reccomendations PleaseSilver Mopar8
Alternator questionJoe12
Ported vs. sealedS.L.A.B.16
Couldnt sleep last night sooo i got creative lolCarl Malone9
Quick subwoofer brand questiondeathoob21
Idmax v2 Bassman35
Right 12's for .77 cu. ft. with 6" mounting depthS.L.A.B.5
Pick-up PeopleM.S.6
Sound deadeningdeathoob9
Idmax v2 vs icon 12The_boss13
New wall builddBlk10
New audio company.. entry level testing¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤7
Trade, is it worth it?steve16
DC power ho altssteve9
Jbl 15" subwoofersKyle Longbrake2
Reserve capacity...Shawn Dooley8
Equipment/ Possible Install PicturesJoe40
Anyone in socallOwLiFe1
2 10w6v2 or 2 12w6v2 (RF Power 1000.1bd amp)-BC-15
My buddy just got new subs and needs a ampKyle Longbrake8
Box Build log for Richard Sean P58
Stupid Cops GlassWolf28
Big 3GlassWolf12
What not to doShawn Dooley11
What Subwoofer to 600$??Shawn Dooley2
Fi Q12 infoagos1236
New buyerKyle Longbrake38
Help picking 4-5 inch speakerssteve9
So...I'm Finally getting back in the game.Muddy24
ORION 1200d FOR 90 DOLLARS?Kyle Longbrake8
Dayton sub amp FS household AC powerM.S.1
10w6v2 in HO box vs sealed-BC-14
Some questions about Fi BTLs for anyone that has experience with themTroy Jones28
Ot home surveillance edward Matthews3
Bass eq and phase switchThe_boss7
Sub box HelpKyle Longbrake5
FS: 2 JL Audio 13W3v3'sThe_boss15
I'm the new guy.. About to build a system..steve74
What Would be the Best!?!!?cwruck9
One ohm stable ampSomeDonnieDude12
What do you think of these subs?steve23
New build for 1 18 fi q[...Rovin...]5
Possible box size and compsDrizzy6
Dumb noob question, but...scott s2
ORION HCCA 12.2 Vs KICKER L7S 12SThe_boss10
ORION HCCA 12.2 VS KICKER L7S 12Jaymoung8
Twiz here...lil update and shout outsMark Brockman48
New car with pics!!!!!Mark Highland9
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