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well i finally got my system in box done wired all nice just now that its in power get DRAINED so i def dont want the hasly of an alt so i think an extra battery will do??

i was thinkin an extra battery in the back jw how i would set it up like the wiring

i think it should do because i only play music with the car on cause of the subs

oh btw i got 2 kicker cvx's runing to 2 zx750 with a birthsheet of 940 or so rms to each amp

and the battery im thinkin of getting is a Kinetik KHC2000, 2000 Watts, 12 Volt or can i get a cheaper one cause savin money is where its at you know :P

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An alt would be you best best. However im sure the battery would help a little bit. The only problem is once the battery drains you will be in the same boat as before. Also if you have not done the big three, Try doing that first. You can see very good gains in power for some vehicles.

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alt = ~14.4V
batt= ~12.8V
batt is more for voltage sag below 12V (at least thats my under standing.) but the alt is your best bet.

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What kind of car do you have? I wouldnt worry about the birthsheets, set the RMS at 750, or whatever the subs require, just not over 750 rms. Doing the big 3, setting the gains correctly and getting a battery should keep you stable, unless you have a really small alt. If power is still an issue youre gonna need a larger alt.

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your amp can be rated for 40% over the continuous power handling of the speakers the amp is powering without damage. Amp power ratings are measured with a resistive load and a white noise test tone, sustained, on a test bench.
In a car, with an inductive speaker load, and dynamic music source, and the volume at less than 100%, you'll never see even close to the peak output rating of the amplifier, so the subs are perfectly safe with an amp rated above their handling. In fact, it will feed the subs more power at lower volumes that way, reducing the desire to use a bass boost circuit to compensate for a lack of adequate power.

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uh.....heres my philosophy on electrical systems......
get the biggest/best battery you can fit. if you can squeeze a group 31 battery it! try and find the biggest alternator you can...and upgrade ALL electrical wires/connections. if you have 2 batteries,(1 under hood,1 in the back) run a positive run and a negative run of 1/0. it is a much better way to ground batteries. you can never have an overkill electrical system. and you need all components to make it work properly. its just that simple lol.

as for batteries i recomend...
xs power d3100
northstar nsb90 (g3100)
odessy 2150 (stinger 2150)
kinetik 2400

and a great budget battery the deka 9a31 (intemidator) is a great battery for the price

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^That's somewhat extreme and really not necessary to get 'the biggest battery' you can fit haha. The time when an electrical system is overkill is when the additional 'electrical components' put too much strain on the alternator such as having caps and too many batts.

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Shawn Dooley
i have a 1999 chevy blazer
i really do think one extra battery would do it
so if i get an extra battery i can just run positives and ground the battery to the chasie at the back ??

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With a vehicle like that with a frame you can ground to that. But that means frame, not the body. As in drill a hole through the floor and run the ground wire through it.

But that extra battery won't solve voltage dropping problems, you need the alternator. It's easy to do on that vehicle. 3 bolts and its right there on top of the engine.
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