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Ok my neighbor gave me 3 JL Audio 8w3v2D6 speakers. The RMS is rated at 125watts. I am trying to put one under the rear seat of my 2002 Chevy Silverado CrewCab pick up truck. I have a few simple questions that I am hoping somebody can help me with.

First off were can I find dimensions to build a box for that specific location for that specific truck? Or can somebody give me some specs the room i have is kinda of small. Width 14 1/2 x Hieght is 7 1/2 tapering down to 6 1/2 and length is 18.......

Next is the box Im gonna have to build for that space enpugh for the sub im going to be using. I got them free so I would like to use them. Also I know that Jl are great subs. Remember I am only using one.

Then this sub has connections on both sides since I guess its dual voice coil. How do I wire this parralel or series? and what side do I connect to. I dont want crazy bumper falling off bass. Just a bit of bumb.

Finally one of the speakers he gave me the foam part that is arround the cone has a tear. Is that fixable or is the speaker now trashed?

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Hi, welcome to ecoustics.

You can find everything you need to know about your subwoofer's required box dimensions in the owner's manual online on the JL website: It's under 'Discontinued' (

The manual also shows you (at the bottom) what different loads the sub will show when wired differently, and how to wire it. It's not so much a matter of how loud you want the sub, but how low of an impedance the amplifier can handle i.e. how low the ohms can be wired on the sub. If you have a single D6, though, that's going to be tricky since the D6 can only be wired to 12 Ohms (very very impractical) or 3 ohms (which some amps cannot handle). You'll actually get a more workable configuration if you add on the second or third sub, but given your space constraints, we can help you figure something out.

Yeah, the tear is fixable. I personally use gasket sealant (Permatex 1372) when I get tears in subs/speakers. There are other glues as well.

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With a dual voice coil sub you have a couple options. You could wire it in series or parallel. Depending on what ohm rating the amp you have is best suited to operate at.

The sub that has a tear around the cone... it's not trash, I've fixed a couple in the past, with a carefully applied drop of RTV black silicon.

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What I would do is use this box

Use 2 of your subs. You could prob get adapter rings made to mount 8"s in there.
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