12" or 15"


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I've got an Alpine MPR-M650 600w at 2ohm, 400w at 4 ohm, I was planning on grabbin an Alpine SWR-1243D but now im thinking about a SWR-1544D. Can this amp power the 15"? You guys tell me, which is the better choice?

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depends on how much space you have, and at 600 watts you are 150 away from the full rms of the sub but thats ok just wont be as loud but 150 watts shouldn't make a huge difference but it will make some. other wise the 12" should do you good but what are your expactions for your system?

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you can usually get the 12" type r for cheap like under $100 but for the 15 its usually quite more like around 200..
so if you want a 15 i suggest going with something different than the 15" type r

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I've got a 95 gmc sierra ext cab so if I took out my back I'd have plenty of room. I just want some good clean lows with nice hit. I listen to everything, but a lot of rock so its gotta sound good with that.

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imo the 12 R wud be better suited for the power

look at some other brands of 15" rated 500-600wrms instead ...

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well I decided the 12R is what I'm looking for, the only thing I have to think about now is the enclosure for it. I was thinking ported would be better than sealed, but I'm not sure on exact specs, maybe 2.5 at 32hz. idk, I'm kinda a noob at this stuff lol

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since ur underpowering it u may wanna port.
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