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Ok guys im in the process of sound deadening my rear hatch area. I have fatmatted almost everything but im wondering what i can use to fill the cavities before i put the interior back in. I thought of using the expanding foam but i want something i can take out if it comes down to it and the expanding foam can get messy. I was thinking of using polyfill or some kind of mat but im not sure what would work best or where to buy it.

let me know what you guys think.

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pics would be great!

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^^^Yes i know I'm working on it. All these dammmm thunder storms i haven't dared take the camera out.

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Bump for a good answer

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just an idea that you could try.
just in one small area go ahead and try the expanding foam but before you do, spray some pam on it. you know the nonstick cooking spray?
it may just make the expanding foam easy to get off.

or lay down plastic wrap or something first

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thats a good idea. Maybe i will give that a try.

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My car doors rattle like crazy when my sub hits the low notes. I really want to buy the Dynamat Xtreme door kit and stop those noisy vibrations but since Dynamat is not cheap I'm a little worried that it might not work and I'd end up wasting my money.

Would Dynamat Xtreme fix the problem?

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I believe i would surely help. However there are cheaper alternatives.

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