What not to do


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10 volts=ewwww

I say no more.

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The amount of overspray from his pro paintjob is pretty ridiculous too haha.

Man, I don't think that really shows how good his system is since pretty much any kind of bass is going to rattle all the parts in that car Lol.

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and you guys called me ghetto when i first came hear. how has he not set that sh1t on fire yet?

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Not digging the look. What's with all the zip ties on his steering column?

Not to mention this guy is straight from "The Deer hunter". Ooooooooo.


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all his vids would make a great what not to do forum.

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he got them beatz yo!

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rofl death.. this guy is JESUS!!!!

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lol those fancy stickers on the windshield and trunk almost distracted me from pretty much every interior piece missin lol

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Poor guy, if he only knew what he was doing to his amps and electrical system. Someone should inform him instead of standing by and pointing the finger. If we all chose to enlighten each other, the world would be a much smarter, and informed place. lol

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Its good to see he's supporting his local economy though by shopping at his local pawn shop.
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