What Would be the Best!?!!?


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Username: Paulus2884

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I am currently looking at subs on craigslist around the milwaukee area and am wondering what would be the best subs? I dont know much about them so thats why im asking you!!!

2 AUDIOBAHN aw1206t 12"
1 SPG555 boston acoustic sub 13"
2 mtx 7500 12"

Which would be the best setup and what amp would you prefer?

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save your money, and buy sumthing that's going to last you and sound good doing it. what are you looking to do with a sub setup?
just add some bass to your ride? all out spl, or amazing sq?

everyone here will be glad to help, but let us know what you wana do, and what your budget is.

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I would want something that bumps real loud and HARD with pretty good SQ.
Around 300 dollars if possible.

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$300 for sub/amp/wiring/box?

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Just for the subs and amp. I have wiring and i can make my box. Plus im buying them used so it will most likely come in a box.

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save more money.
a decent amp will cost about $250+
a decent sub (single sub) will cost about $150-300+

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You're not going to find what you're looking for with a $300 budget. If you get something in that price range, you're probably not going to be happy with it.

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"a decent amp will cost about 250+"
... i dont know what ur definition of decent is glass but if someones looking to run 1000 rms or lower then basically for 250 ur gonna be getting one bad as s amp. It seems this guy is not trying to run an spl comp or anything...u can find amps on craiglist for dirt cheap(such as directed, mtx, hell i even saw one of those sae-1500ds on mine for 150. Just look around and when u find one ask for opinions on here.

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dude if u saw a sundown 1500d for 150 u shouldve bought it! you could just resell it very quickly for 300 or more! i got my sundown sae-1200d brand new in the box with full warranty for 200 and i had to jump on it.
if you can get those mtx 7500s for cheap i say jump on that man, those subs get loud and sound decent, they seem very easy to drive as well
if its not an amazing deal pass on them you can do better but if its like 200 for 2 12s in a ported box, i say thats a pretty good deal
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