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A friend of mine is considering putting a complete audio system in his 97' F150. I think he is willing to spend about $700 on it. I can reccomend a few things to him but I'd like to get a few more ideas/options before we start looking for things.

After talking with him about it for a while, he seems more interested in clean bass. Space is an issue here but I think we could build a box for the sub(s) [proably going to go with a single sub though] that would sit on the "hump" between the driver and passengers feet. I'm thinking that at most we could get 1.75 cubic feet for the box.

To keep it simple I figured a 4/3ch amp, to run a pair of speakers in the doors and the sub. Leave the rear speakers original and just power them with the HU. I don't know the size of the speakers mounted in the doors, but I think it would be best to stay with that size, I don't want to do anything to his truck that may hurt its value down the road.

With the total system budget limited to around $700 and subwoofer box volume limited to under 2 cubic feet, what are a few good options for the HU, speakers, sub, and amp that we should look into?

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Fs: 31.0 Hz | 0 Hz
Re: 0.7 Ohms/coil | 1.4 Ohms/coil
Qms: 7.07 | 7.07
Qes: .35 | .35
Qts: .33 | .33
Mms: 223g | 223g
Cms: 0.12mm/N | 0.12mm/N
Sd: 310cm^2 | 310cm^2
Vas: 15.9 l | 15.9 l
Spl: 83.2dB 1W/1m | 83.2dB 1W/1m
Bl: 13.1 N/A | 18.7 N/A
Xmax: 21mm
Rms: 800W
Sealed box: H-Qts .2-.4 cuft
Ported box: .6-1.2 cuft @ 33Hz
Sub OD: 11.000"
Cut ID: 9.250"
Mounting depth: 6.000"
Displacement: 0.12cuft html

or ml

others probly have better ideas then i do. but its a start.

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im pretty sure most trucks take 6x9s but it could be 6x8s that were recommended above, i say go listen to polks first tho, im not a big fan of their sound, ive heard their car and home audio speakers and am not impressed, but i also like the klipsch sound.. so def give them a listen first.
What does he want the majority of his money spent on? the sub and amp? or the speakers and amp for those?
he's much better off getting 2 amps.
no need to go expensive for a hu pioneer is good, so is kenwood, but i personally like alpine the best.
if he wants more money for the sub stage i say go with a 12 sealed, the ssd recommended above would be great but pay 20 more to get a 12 and make a box to max recommended sealed size.
also with the amp, sundown is great! look on ebay the sae-1200d is 315 shipped from subtilis audio or something like that, and if you talk to them on caco you can also get like $25 worth of 4 ga wire as well for that price and you could order the rest from knukonceptz
if he does want better quality speakers, which i recommend i say look at dls off ebay, you can get some new 6x9s for 120 or so, they sound absolutely amazing. and eclipse 2 channel amps are cheap and they are by far my favorite sq amps for the price for a budget system
look on craigslist for a deck, i know in my area i see decent alpines and stuff for $50 and under at times, just hook it up and make sure it works, theres really no need to spend more than 100 for the hu.
i say dls speakers $120
a good eclipse 2 channel amp $80 or so
the ssd 12 whats that like around $200? maybe a little more..
the sundown sae-1200d 315
wire maybe about $50 a truck shouldnt need a long run
thats sitting at 815 give or take, and maybe an extra 50 for other things, a little over the budget but we can easily work with that, if he doesnt want too much for bass we can get him a less expensive sub and sub amp. or if he wants more money in the bass get some cheaper speakers

thats buying brand new stuff besides the hu so if he wants to buy used it can easily be done for $700 or under

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oh i just remembered if he doesnt want so much on the sub audioque is selling the sdc 12 b stock for 140 shipped since the new ones are all out.
ill tell you those sdc subs pound hard! not quite Fi subs in sound quality but still a very good sub, tho i believe they are only dvc 4 ohm so that would change the sundown amp, you could get like an alpine mrd-600 and run that at 2 ohms to push 600 to it, which will still be quite loud

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ford sux and the stock speaker holes are 6x8's cuz they fail.

and honestly i rather have a nice head unit and cheeper speakers then use the head unit to set the high and low pass and have a good eq, a good HU can last long enof to fallow you to a new car mine did. still love it.

if the sub is right next to you you can probly get away with less power.

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I would say his front doors are 6x8 or smaller, there's no bass to be found in that furd. Last night I was kicking around the idea of a complete Alpine setup, I've really liked there stuff in the past.

We had in mind
$150 for the HU
$100 for the sub
$100ish for the speakers
250ish for the amp(s)
$100 for the box, wire, hu adapters, etc.

He wanted something like the bass I have in my car, its a cheap setup... Kicker kx200.2, runing a pair old school 100watt 12" Rockfords in about 2.25 cubic feet sealed.

I don't think he wants to rattle the windows, just wants a more full and quality oriented system than what ford put it in it.

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standard car or extended?
bench seat or buckets?

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I believe it's called extended. has the little bench in back and a full size bench in front.
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