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good news, i talked to robbie at DC power inc and they have 3 alts for my jeep in stock and ready to ship. and there direct bolt-ons

250/130@idle ($469) , 320/140@idle ($499) , and the XP series 270/180-200@idle depending on conditions ($649)

these are pretty expensive, but you get what you pay for, right?
all i really wana no is how long is this thing going to last me? is it really worth the money?

what do you guys think, tyvm

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damn.... thats a lot of money.

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your telling me man, it effin sucks. but i gota do it. i just did the big 3 in 1/0 too. it helped alot, but only when im driving. if i stop at a red light, it clips. and ill be pissed if i fry my new sub, or my amp...

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well i just ordered one from them less then two weeks ago. It was suppose to ship last Friday not this one that just past but they said they didn't have the parts in and it should ship Wednesday the following week. I was kinda bummed but what are you gonna do right. I didn't ask for anything and they sent me an email with an over night tracking number.I received it Friday like i was originally supposed to. so it was here right when they said it was gonna be. Amazing service.

I was told that they are always serviceable. They also told me if i ever changed my vehicle that they would work with me. At least that's what i was told. I think they come with at least a one year warranty to. I researched for a couple weeks and not only did dc have the only bolt on 320amp for my car but they were the only ones that i couldn't find one single complaint on.

There expensive but quality doesn't come cheap.

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If its that important to you, then its worth the money. DC power and mechman are going to be the best companies to order from. Get the largest if you can afford it, its the most power at idle which is key.

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Their prices do not impress me. If i do get an aftermarket alternator for my truck it will probably be from Quality Power Auto. Their alt's idle amperage looks very impressive and cost less.

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I think i called them but they didn't have anything bigger then a 200 amp. I actually had almost everyone besides iraggi say there was no possible way to get an alternator to make over 200 amps that would fit in my car. Iraggi had a 320 amp but he said only one bracket would fit and i would have to customize the other. I was really close to buying iraggi's then i gave dc power a call and they said they had a direct bolt on 320 amp. Thats when i was sold.

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Alright.. What Jeep ya got??

How much power you ganna be runnin?

How many batts?

I sold my Mechman (which needed replacing 4 times to buy my XP Series DC Power. Besty choice I've made with this setup. Never given me a lick of trouble for about a year now. Robbie said I couldn't hurt it and I havn't had any complaints.. I have the 4.0L Jeep in a 1999 JGC Laredo 4X4.

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2001 jeep cherokee sport 4.0L

in the future about 44-4500wrms, for now 15-2000wrms

i need batts and an isolator still too

i was really leaning towards the XP, butt mabe the 320/140@ idle will be good for me? idk.. im really sick of power issues, so spending the money on something that will last me will be well worth it...specially if you've had no problems with yours.
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