What should I do ~ Charger caught on fire from faulty install


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Hi all,
Do you have any advice on what I should do? Very Very Long story short......

2006 Charger installed with
2 Kicker L7
2 MTX Jackhammer amplifiers
thats just the trunk
Everything installed by circuit city, they saw me almost weekly with some kind of problem, why did I keep going back ~ all under warranty.
june 10, 08

Fire started in the trunk was found to be because of faulty after market wiring.
Declared a total loss by insurance - no gap coverage
Stereo equipment not covered
So was advised by CC Specialty Risk Services to keep all the equipment until the case is resolved.
Circuit City declares bankruptcy
My ins co claim is rejected by bankruptcy court
I still have a garage full of burned up equip
I have a 06 pontiac GTO
I want it to slap tremendo
What do I do?

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break some knee caps.

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ouch man. sad how many crappy installs people pay good $ for.

If your claim was rejected by bankruptcy, get a lawyer and have him talk to your ins. agency.

Did you get any $ on the car?
I'm thinking you will be SOL on the audio equipment.

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Are you asking us advice on what to get for a system? If so, what are your goals and what is your budget?

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Any pics or size of wire they used? You will most probably have to eat this sh1t burger. Sorry for your loss dude.

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Holy crap man, that sux, with circuit chitty out of business i don't think theres much you can do.

Theres actually a lot of ways to possibly start a fire... no fuse in the power wire being the biggest one. No fuse in the remote wire could maybe do it. Actually any wire coming loose and making a spark, even speaker wires.

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Honestly, I'd sue the liquidation firm who handled CC. They've already been sued countless times by such entities as the state of Connecticut for unfair business practices, like jacking up prices, then lowering them by a fraction of the inflation amount, and claiming it's a liquidation sale.

Go after those jokers. They deserve it.

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haha glasswolf if thats the case all diamond jewlers should be out of business from being sued so much!

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It sounds like whomever hooked it up may have used a too small guage of wire and it melted through.

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find out who the actual installer was.
take him personally to civil court for replacement of whatever wasn't covered by insurance, as well as your ins deductible and court and lawyer costs.

Take everything he owns.

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humn.. that really blows. id'e have to do what eric said. or.. find out ware the installer lives and set his car on fire. an eye for an eye, right.

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Too bad you dont live in my city for 200 ill steal his car and light in on fire.

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LOL Julian

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Funny I know exactly who it is. I dealt with him on a weekly basis something was always F*D up with the music. Non-stop! Actually everyone involved in car audio is in this city knows about the "black charger" not exactly the claim to fame I would've chosen. Anyway the guys at frys were quick to tell me where he is currently employed. I havent gone to see him yet though..... Did I mention the day b4 the fire The Jackhammer had drained my battery from the amps power wire. Anyway after I got my car jumped, started, etc. on a sunday right before closing I made it there and he said too much slack in the power wire from the amp. I said cut it he said fold it you'll get better ground. I thought Lazy but kept it to myself. Then tragedy on my way to work the next morning.
After all this BS and all the other reports etc. CC Specialty Risk Services who investigates all their claims, said he can't make a determination until he can contact the installler b/c he wants to make sure its not MTX responsibility. A course the mf didnt call on my behalf b/c I had reminded mr installer that since we didnt do ppwrk every time since I was in there so much, there was only so much too actially show a lot of the problems but the installer knew everything and all lI told hiim was not to lie and keep it real if he was ever contacted about the sit. A course its guna make him look bad, he f*d up. Then of course they wouldnt even finish the investigation b.c cc couldnt pay SRS. Soooo

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Lemme see if I am clever enough to post pics, I finally just figured out to respond to the posts

And I guess what I am trying to do is see if Kicker and Mtx would just replace the stuff I lost since all of it was under warranty at the time. The Amps were a week or so old and I spent like 3 grand wich cost me a $45000 beauty. Which I just finished paying on about 3 months ago

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So if someone could give me step by step instructions I have all the pics. It was really a sad sit. I had just put all the finishing touches on her, pinstripe, feet, etc etc. It was the very beginning of summer, she was ready I was supposed to be famous!!!!! June 10th hello fire! For 5 weeks you wouldnt believe all the **** that happened in 08. Brief rundown?
May 25th or 27th Wife graduates with masters from berkeley - two flat tires before she reached the house in 110 weather no aaa no nothing they were brand new pirellis, big o is closed its right about 6pm
a week later my House gets broken into, my guns etc stolen including my AR 15
Car catches on fire on June 10th
On June 27th wifey in a RENTAL dodge ram truck, she gets t-boned and the truck is totaled the whold front end crumpled , I cant even explain how bad this one was really really ugly
June 29th Charger declared a total loss
July 1st lost my job
Only the strong survive right? Im still here!

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All I can say is I hope you had comprehensive insurance on that.

If not... well, I guess its a $45k lesson why you should.
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