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Trying to figure Alpine vs Kicker?Troy Jones13
$$$ NICK Veeeezyyyy! $$$Mr. Jewburg14
Single 18" hairtrick!!!!! crazy!!!!! s-10!!!!!lOwLiFe10
12" RE SX Box Build & Review ...Mark Scafetta9
2 12' W7'slOwLiFe10
Best 15" sub for my carQuentin5
Single 18" hairtrick!!!! crazy!!!!Steven3
Shawn DooleyBasebalz137
A bunch of questions (n00b, sort of know enough to be dangerous)...[...Rovin...]8
JL W6 repairOdd Dio6
RTAKen Dryden8
Attn: Nicklittle430Basebalz133
HO alt suggestions for my Danger Rangertyler gallo22
Sound dampening question! any and all input please!!charles selfridge7
Comps in GAcharles selfridge13
Help me fix my unloading but stay loud!Mark Scafetta5
Daniel Bonhamd in your Big D45
12" RE MT Box Build & Review ...lOwLiFe16
140 on music from a sealed 8Daniel Bonham12
Extreme makover: Atomic APX editionSomeDonnieDude22
How loud is too loud?!?Domenico Zerilli56
Box volumeDomenico Zerilli7
Help me pick a setupDomenico Zerilli22
Need some creative people ;) Pit44
Anyone know where to get a dd 9512 usedsean7
Daniel Bonhamd Daniel Bonham4
VFL american bass amps and HD series subs DO NOT PASS UPBig D36
Port Tube Dimensions, i'm lostSam Albers3
Josh Tucker's 2-12 RE SE boxQuentin34
Need help with ultimate systemDomenico Zerilli18
FI BLDomenico Zerilli5
FS: AQ2200d, SDC2.5 12'sDomenico Zerilli26
Spare Tire BoxKen Dryden13
Some input pleasecharles selfridge11
Picture of different color FI dust caps.NfiniteNaledge11
95 Villager OEM sound system & a replacement sub???Lisa3
For sale diamond hex pro subwoofer x4 and 5000w orion ampDomenico Zerilli3
Need help with ultimate systemSmith8
Stopping Rear View Mirror Rattlingmike sand17
Hopefully this is worth a chuckleNfiniteNaledge10
Some slight probs.Domenico Zerilli4
Is this fair????????Thieves3
Hitting high notes better?ted nunya11
Tossing around new set up ideas!bruce moore24
Sound deadener[...Rovin...]6
Audio newbie: Best subs and amp for under $600? johnny b17
How much can 1 w3v3 handle?johnny b8
What are you doing, retard?[...Rovin...]21
Is this really worthy to make it on the home page?M.S.3
Taco box...Mark Brockman28
Who had D-money/basebalz13 as Secret Santa?Basebalz1315
System for S10sDomenico Zerilli68
Need specs on logic soundlab dsx12 sub. Can anyone help?Bassman32
I need some help ASAP!!!!Josh Tucker82
Please Help Me Out!!!Gary36
I know this is OT but..sean6
Db metersean6
Two Sundown Z-15'sDomenico Zerilli6
Favorite slowed and throwed CDs/songs?Muddy24
If You Have Signed Up For Secret Santa, Check Your EmailPaul Larrea86
Another box buildBassman335
Kicker SubsDomenico Zerilli14
$350 for the sub. Basebalz1324
FS: 12" Subs and 30 band EQjake papa27
Mark Pottsedward Matthews40
12-18hz really loud?kyle54
Good bye Elipse ...[...Rovin...]12
Sundown SA-12s?Basebalz135
Trunk wall? F/Skyle5
Box ideasDomenico Zerilli15
Stupid questionDaniel Bonham7
OT: Ecoustics Postseason Fantasy FootballPaul Larrea9
Quick question.Domenico Zerilli5
Special requests for CES?Kevin9
New Setup....need some ideasCarl Malone3
Three brand new never hooked up kinetik 1800s for salekyle21
Well... hello again!kyle10
Need somone to desgin a ported box plzBassman32
Power wireVertexAudio46
OT: Car InsuranceBen42
Sumbody plzzzz help me!!!Shawn Dooley10
What battery charger would i want to getBen3
$1500 to spend on a new system¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤29
Shuriken batts...anyone used them??SomeDonnieDude10
My new systemwill m.8
Should I get 4 Ohms or 2 Ohms? Help please!Pit8
Battery or Alt?Troy Jones17
How to tell what load is of subsPaul Larrea6
Just got subs. Need suggestions for amp and box.Austin Trevino1
Subs?Nick Belsky7
Getting the sub... now help me build my sub box.Bassman36
PCM tune... with picskyle10
Subs not nearly loud enough[...Rovin...]10
F/S - Fi BTLs, Mechman 250, Fuse holders and moreSnow11
New setup?kyle3
Gotta problem...kinda oddexcursion15
New toy from polocharles selfridge7
My first box buildcharles selfridge24
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