Trying to figure Alpine vs Kicker?


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Hello I am new I would first like to say that I have appreciated this forum with all the information considering Alpine Type R subwoofers and Kicker L7 subwoofers

To begin with, I am trying to decide on whether to get Kicker l7 subwoofers or Alpine Type R the kind of music that I listen to is rap r and b and jazz. I am looking for the bass to hit hard considering that I listen to rap from down south but the jazz that I listen to is like jazz najee richard elliot boney james and alot of instrumentals that come from jazz like outkast etc

Now that you understand what kind of music I listen to I am looking to put these in a ported box that is premade I understand making your own box is better but I am looking to go the easy way out

I am looking for a sub that I can feel the pressure of bass in my chest but also can produce frequency I understand that many people have kickers spl and alpines sql

The amp that I am planning on using is mtx 1000xd mono block amp (in my price range)

I am looking for either the l7 or alpine type r 12" subwoofer and I am looking for two of them and can the l7 have any sql at all and why?

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Type R hands down, good all around sub. L7s sound like crap and are built like it to.

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Check my link, Im selling two Alpine Type R's ina custom ported box. tuned to 32hz. There's Pictures and videos in the link :-)

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My votes for type r also. I also wouldnt suggest just throwing it in any box. If you dont wanna build one, just ask around on here. Theres people that can build you one for a good price im sure.

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I would say Alpine.

Alwaysbuild box to spec of subs, it makes a world of differents.

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lol MS

and type R

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L7's sound like azz.

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In descibing your taste in music, I feel the Alpine would be better suited to your needs. The R will sound better and be able to keep up with the double kick bass that is in Jazz, as opposed to the L7 which would tend to roll alot of the notes into a single blur of a noise.

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Between those two choices I'd go with the type-rs. Just sounded better from my experience. I am selling a type-x 12 for- 150+ shipping in like new condition and spend the money you're not dumping into 2 subs on a nice ported box.
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