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I'm driving a 2006 VW Passat.
120A stock alternator
Stock Battery(Any advice for me as it regards to a better battery would be appreciated by the way...there isnt a yellowtop or stinger that fits my car...)

Currently I've got installed:

-Alpine CDA-9886 head unit
-Alpine SPR-17c speakers
-Alpine PDX4.100 amp


I'm looking to add a sub(s?) to my system, at the moment I'm leaning towards Alpine, either:

-2 x SWR1222D
-1 x PDX1.1000


-1 x SWX1243D
-1 x PDX1.1000


First off, I'm currently drawing 400w, adding either of those puts me at 1400w

I'll be purely playing music (no test tones...etc), and keeping myself a relatively safe distance from clipping. From what I understand/have read, that means I'd realistically be using somewhat less than 1400 watts on most occasions.

That said, will my power supply be adequate in this scenario? If not, would doing a Big 3 upgrade, getting a better battery, and adding a capacitor be enough to avert those problems?


Next off, I'm looking to add the boom, but I'm not looking for absurd SPL, more so looking for nice deep clear bass, the Type-X in an optimum sealed enclosure (.65^3 according to their spec) would be the better choice in that situation, correct?

What kind of db peaks would I be looking at there? If my power supply is an issue, would I really be at that much of a loss to drop to a 500W and lose 3 db?


At the price point of either of these setups ($1300 retail, ~$800 Ebay, ~$500-700 craigslist) are there any vastly superior options I should be considering?


As it regards to the enclosure...everyone seems to say don't buy a pre-made enclosure. I'm not to savvy with making things myself, if I can find a pre-built that matches Alpine's volume spec, is there really going to be that much of a noticeable difference?


Thanks in advance to anyone who actually reads this essay and responds!

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Prefab is not recommended.. I would look into Probox for a sealed prefab to match the pdx1000 ans a single type x. would sound nice and still be loud.

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looks like i was wrong, stock alternator is 140A, that should leave me in the clear on power, right?

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A 140 amp alt should be enough to run those amps yes.

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I agree with Mark if you can't build it. Probox makes decent cabs. And these AE fiberglass are a good deal too:


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Thats a nice system you got going there. Alpine is one of the few brands where you can built an entire good system out of one brand.

As far as enclosures, ported prefabs are a big no, they are always tuned wrong. If you're going sealed a prefab is ok as long as the airspace volume matches the specs of the sub (or close), and it is built well (look for 3/4" mdf).

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Im selling 2 Alpine Type R's 1242d ina box, tuned to 32hz.
Subs are in perfect condition :-)
Click on the link for more info

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id keep it all alpine as well

pdx work really well

if u have space fo 2 12s then type R or a single 12" type X to obviously use less space ...
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