Help me fix my unloading but stay loud!


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Ok so as of now im sitting at 144.9 on music (im going to guess the note was around 45hz in the sweep where my score jumped to 144.9. I use 2 12" rd alpha v3's on an atomic 3k @ .5ohm. I pulled that score on an audiocontrol spl190 meter. the subs were probably being clipped very badly and they sounded TERRIBLE while putting up that number which was in the upper end of the bass sweep in the song haters everywhere by two five I just kept turning the volume nob until i saw a score i liked lol. for some reason they kept getting louder even tho they were bottoming out and unloading and distorting very badly.

I am using 2 separate enclosures since it was the only way i could fix them in the car and still be removable. I realize now that this is bad for getting loud so i plan to rebuild using a common chamber and a single slot port (maybe a divided slot so i can plug half for music and open up both for comps)

Currently i have terrible unloading in the 45-60 hz range and my subs over extend and sound like complete azz. EACH enclosure specs out to ~2 cubes net @ ~37hz and EACH box has 48" of port area. Subs and ports fire into the cabin but its not completely sealed off yet.

I did lots of research and had a few people model some enclosures for me. Supposedly the flattest response for the pair would be 2 cubes NET FOR BOTH SUBS tuned to 33hz and the sql box should be 3 cubes NET FOR BOTH SUBS tuned to 34 hz. According to bassbox pro. Apparently the boxes im using model terribly but the models dont account for the issue im having in the 45-60hz range.

I dont have a problem building either of these enclosures but I dont want to lose any output.

Also what port area should i use for a good mix of spl and music?

Will switching to common chamber but losing port area and box volume decrease my output by much?

Ultimately i want to have a loud trunk like thor, peas and treossi from but i want mine to sound good while putting up numbers like all of their systems do.

I realize that my subs may be a limiting factor in the equation but is there a way i can make it work with the alphas? I can basically turn the volume up to 45 or so before my top end starts to crap out on me. i can crank the volume all the way up to 62 on low notes and they just kill everything but if the note rises to high the subs cry.

If anyone has experience getting alphas loud i would like to know what kind of boxes and power were used.

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try some 4" aeroports ...

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how many should i use? should i stick with 4 cubes net for both subs?

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Is this setup in the Chrysler 300m from your sig?
If so, thats the same trunk as a Charger, I've build a few sick Chargers.

Do your seats fold?
How did you meter? (legal or in the kick?)
How much battery backup do you have?

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My car is a 2000. its a 300m not 300c. its like an intrepid/concorde/lhs.

Seats fold down and were down for the metering. subs and ports fire into cabin but its not completely sealed off.

metering was done legal on dash all doors and windows closed. using audiocontrol spl190

i have 2 spv 70's in the trunk a stock batt under hood and a 200 amp alt.
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