Sound dampening question! any and all input please!!


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I have a 98 silverado ext cab and i just exchanged my stupid truck box for 2 beautiful RE audio SE's in ported enclosures and in doing so i actually removed my back seat completely(hate driving people around anyway). So there are two plastic panels that are just getting worked over by all the vibrations. One right below the rear window and one right above it; both run along the width of the car. Other than these everything else in the truck seems solid enough as is.
My question is how do i dynamat these? do i sick it on the reverse side of them and put them back? should i see if i can remove them entirely? peel and seal it on the inside of the body itself?? let me know please because its driving me pretty nutty.

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You should remove them, put the dynamat on the car and then install the panels on top of the dynamat. 2 important things is that you have to remember to make the needed holes for the the panel to be installed after and make sure the dynamat is smooth

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'98 ext cab silverado :-)
Lol, I know a thing or two about rattles in those...used to do ~155dB in mine.

Yes, pull those panels and put a layer of mat on the metal underneath and on the back of the plastic. That will get rid of alot of it. On the one under the window, you may just want to get rid or it entirely...After about 148dB, there was no hope for that thing in my truck.

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haha ya i know exactly what you mean. I have a bit more faith in the bottom one but the top has been coming off alot on its own recently. Well thanks for the advice. Il see how well i can fix them up but first do you have any recommendations on a good prettyyy cheap dampener?

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peel n seal from home depot. buy like 8 rolls and damp everything in sight.

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damn i was just there picking up some mdf and fiberglass materials. Thats awesome they carry that, thank you!

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peel n seal really work?
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