Some slight probs.


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My KDC-MP342U turns cuts off and powers back on when my system is "bangin", i hard wired the h/u and used butt connectors made it real clean. So far it only cuts off at high volumes. 24+/30.. help?

Stock alt, yellow top, 2 type r's, pdx1000. Receiver/KDC-MP342U

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1 15 = 152.5 DBs ...Trinidad & T...

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do u have a volt meter in ur set to show how ur current holds up ?....

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Are you powering any speakers with the hu internal amp?... If so disconnect them and try it.
But I think a more likely guess is you may have botched that wiring job somehow... Could try using stock power and ground wires and see if that fixes if

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NOTE: Only happend in idol. (parked in drive way) havent tried driving it and seeing if it'll happen. - no plates on truck.

Rovin - I have a fac. voltmeter, it drops down some.. i havent noticed how far tho.

M.S. - Yes, some shitttt-tay pioneer and kenwoods that came with the truck already installed. Dash n pannels

The first thing that popped in my head was the voltage dropping.. then like a safty curcit breaker type deal activates?
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