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hey guys ive got an audioque 18hdc3(aluminum coils) and an aq3500d and the gain on the amp is set almost all the way down due to its putting out .5 ohm stable when paralleled. the sub is a dual 1 ohm version, ive tuned the enclosure to 24 hz. and is playing awesome but when i turn the volume up past .75 of the total output of the head unit the sub starts to make a popping sound. am i over powering or is it something else. plz let me know if im doing something wrong

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popping means clipping in my book. something is not set right. or wired right?

im not saying your stupid, but use an ohm calculator like on or something to double check that your stuff is wired properly. Then you need to get your hands on a volt-meter and have your gains set properly. maybe an audioshop or someone you know who has a volt-meter can help you. :-)

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24hz??? thats uber low man....

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i didnt even read that far down into his post. lol

that could be the culprit right there. with your tuning that low, you risk the sub bottoming out from a lack or air compression inside the box. if the port is too big, then all of the air escapes when it cycles through a bass sine wave and you lose back pressure and the pole piece will start slamming into the top plate and bottom plate in the magnet assembly.

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wow.....hang on!

first off forget everything u have heard about box tuning.

what vehicle do u have?

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do you have the right kinda power to back up that amp?

HO Alt? Batts? etc?

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6.6 cubes in an explorer and yes i have a 240 amp alt. and 2 deep cycle batts.
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