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Off Topic - But Funnyucfsaxman7
Vibration Damping!J-Dub5
Xxx v type xchevy4life16
Need ideas of space to fit XXX!!!sean9
Good 6x9s for cheapMO5
Great box designs.B4
What uns think!!![...Rovin...]8
Big system on small alternatorLuc Daigle44
Box for sx subsrob swingleman3
Do 12w3v2 sound good portedTrevor Eaton4
This box be good w/ my 2 swx-1242d's?Jay3
Infinity Perfects VS jl w6v2's under same wattage.James Palanza14
My new xxx came in today! Roland Berthiaume32
Brahma 15" ported enclosures??Alex Valledor1
How can you figure out what impedance your running at?James Palanza10
Is my HU messed up?Rave'n11
Help please within 10 minutes for homework topic. thx!charlie15
WHice pair of JL is BetterLewass15
Isnt the power acoustic MOFO better than the new XXXLewass30
Sub for amp with constant RMS output at different impedencesPolo8
Question about subs and ampsG_Money6
What uns think!!!paul1
Resonant Engineering - Company SOLD.alteraudiousa20
Off topics. pictures rimsB6
My Current System setup in my room!! check it out!!!B8
Formula for Amp voltage(gain adjustment)B16
Digital Designs 3515 15" or Resonant Engineering SX?B8
Quick Help! S15L7sChauncey Brown2
What song is this Kevin3
Off Topic-Old School ThumpPolo18
2 Any1 That Needs A BoxCUSTOM BOXES1
Which h/uNE$TER14
Box for my subrob swingleman2
Would this work?rob swingleman64
How would this sound?Alan7
Port question.Rob6
Cvr vs fubr?Dustin8
Couple of questions so i don't blow anything up...Josh6
Renforcement help.Polo10
Help With Tragedy!!!straight g of the E13
Off Topic Circular saw spins backwards, any ideas?Polo42
L5 vs. l7 kicker subsdavid6
Focus ZX3 system questions!killerzracing716
Audiobahn ImmortalsSW91524
A/d/sJames Longo3
How much would you spend for a 12" JL W6v2James Longo2
Will dynamat stop my trunk from flexing?Joey Ingle8
Off topic: h-o alternatorsMark S24
Please help adding a subwoofer to my stock radiojuliob6
How Much Are 2 used JL W6's in a sealed box worth.JohnnY B10
Indo Audio??Paul van Dyk7
Off Topic Who are UJames Longo26
Alpine woofersPimp25
Is a jl w6 an spl, or spl sub?Pimp13
New pics of re audio subs and specs check them outFreddy63
Brahmas vs L7s?James Longo7
Adire Audio?????marshall white2
SX1250.1 or JL1000/1Dustin12
How is the CVX?Jason Krakehl10
WOW I like it better than a W6!!!!Andrew Capps21
Lookin 4 some new subs!! SEs or SX?Mark Potts2
Crossfire Sub 12" xt212Street Blaze3
What do you think of fiberglassing?lucas beckner14
How reputable are these companies??/\/\ike6
PreoutsThomas E Miller2
Need help proving a pointlucas beckner6
What is this part of the sub box called?killer2
Jl or image dynamicsJonathan4
Head unit/amp?[...Rovin...]2
Kicker 6x9INAFIA3
Off topic: VRX925VDSiX6
Wattage questionSweatyOgre12
All problems solved (maybe) but now subs don't shoveMichael Workman1
The final limited down AMP choosing!!?? HELPSW915211
Off topic-MSN messenger probsYoung James8
4-8's or 2-10'schris wood5
Help with idea.....NE$TER18
Firebyrd Install So farCUSTOM BOXES7
Ascendant Audio Questions»»» DrUnkBoB «««5
Running a SS RL-pKeith Benedict5
How do i post pics?Roland Berthiaume3
Off topic:need help and all of u can helplilrob2
10" Re Se'sMatthew Lee6
Help me search for an amp to power the new XXXRoland Berthiaume18
Pick between these two woofers. jl or infinitybassfishing22
GravityBob Koenig5
Question on twelvesjake papa6
Off topic and out of place. Polo2
Best aroud $300WrEaK HaVoC2
SS rl-p or AA Arsenal?SiX6
Pics recovered from dying phone!Lewass7
Building materials for built-in trunk enclosure (ideas).Lewass15
Mr Rovin, I've got a question for yaYoung James10
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