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Audiobahn subs??derrick mcdaniel1
Glue Problem with Diamond D9 subanthony R1
Question about the big threebrian david1
Im Cluelessj cash1
HELP.....Ported Box!!Tyler Moncrief6
Lol i wish id quit forgetting?Compluva4
Just Put My Other 15" TDX on Ebay!!!Chris Klein1
How much better is ported?Letto15
Insurance QuestionLetto5
Is this PossibleGlassWolf9
Why No PyleGlassWolf10
Bigger box or nottaylor174
BlewUp my box!Avalanche184
What u need 2 flextaylor1725
Can someone give me the link? box buildingREDSKIN11
? about a box for 4 10s?Compluva3
Here are some picturesJake Hill35
2000 VW Jetta firewallKnacko3
Arg!Scott DeBaker17
Bigger box or notScott DeBaker2
Type r's Brandon Marthinsen16
Like my subsWahl11
Is this a good setup?rigger3
New Toy Anonymous2
Kicker Comps any good?rigger4
How many DB's will my system put out? What is the cleanest sub, lou...RICHARD CRANIUM4
Funny song that bumpsCompluva2
Thread for football and musicDeadman52
Mixed speaker size enclosures for better response proof that it worksREDSKIN4
Sub placement in a car trunk.Knacko4
Kicker Andy Summers6
Kicker CVRrigger28
W6v2 vs idmaxJonathan7
CDT or REAnonymous1
MT modle from RE303020
Easy Q... need specs for subJuelz3
What dbs do bass comps reach?Andy Summers31
Misconceptions in Car AudioJuelz65
Frequency tuningGibson54693
05 type rJuston8
Funny song that bumpsJuelz2
Hifonics Amp 2 L7'2Scott DeBaker8
Pioneer subwooferLetto3
Help me do the mathtaylor173
Head unit Jexxen Trivic8
I need a helpful earBelieve6
Loud?Quick Shot3
Last Q..Which Would Give Me Deepest BassDave Richer7
How many DBL's can 4 RE12's create???Dave Richer13
Review of the JL w7 {13''}Dave Richer27
Thump Thump When you Turn Amp Upalex13
Better box for type r'staylor1710
Heres a pic of the 12sApocalypse12
2 Amps 1 Subwooferrigger3
How do i wire in series??rigger11
Odd? Explain this hookup please..Brandon riddell8
BassBox 6 ProAn AUDIOBAHN Fan1
Sean and jonathan lolsean23
Audiobahn ALUM15N Compluva4
Watts the rms /real watts on these kickersrigger8
Amp for SX12's or XXX12'sJuelz4
Ordering RE in Canada...??S. Singh1
Cadence?seth adams3
Box for JL 15w3Josh Guthrie5
Off Topic But Headrest Monitors? Anyone Have any?Juelz2
Earthquakes subzero 12Joe Smoe8
Wiring Alpine Type-RsAndrew Ouverson10
Review of The JL w7 {12''}jl nut28
Two Infinity 1030w SubsJuelz2
Audiobahn V.S. kickerJake Chesley26
Check insideJake Chesley12
How do you get more DBS for bass comps?rigger14
Spl comp Joe Smoe8
Quick question on nominal impedence....howie feltersnatch4
XXX or MOFO Which sub combination will be better??????Joe Smoe5
Omg hard decision loltaylor1717
Is the ecoustics filter liftedJoe Smoe25
Infinity 1030w or 1032wKyle Leduc10
How much internal volume do I have? PIC INSIDEREDSKIN5
Question on Subs/Box/amp comboJuelz29
Type R 12" 2 ohm vs 4 ohm helpJuston3
1" MDF vs 3/4" MDFMike20
OK This is the last time i promiseOso6
Want some good subs for bass Dave Richer11
Does this setup sound good?Andy Summers6
Hey guys need some helpAndy Summers7
Ported vs bandpassAndy Summers11
Mixing subsAndy Summers7
Its installedAvalanche181
Jl audio 12 w3v2taylor173
Box for 2 12" L7staylor173
Issac wCompluva1
CD Quality Decreased?Jexxen Trivic9
Best amp for the listed subs.Compluva6
New 750 dollar custom made boxCompluva12
In verted sub?30303
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