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Where to get DD subs or how much are they if you know?Anonymous1
Best hitting 6x9James Longo2
10w6-v2 and 12w6-v2MO7
Dual 4ohm or single 4 ohm.??James Longo3
Is it enoughJames Longo9
Atlas 15"Shane S6
My RE XXX12 is better than yours!!!Aaron Hobbs11
Transferring a car sub to a home audio subNick Price1
What would you do?Subfanatic14
Audiobahn alum12qtaylor178
Atlas expertsJ.W.11
PLEASE HELP! About Rubber Surround!Jonathan5
How will this setup work.. Im a newb...Frank K James1
RE MADE FUN OF ME!!!! B*STERDS!!!!!!!!!Subfanatic8
Whats the difference??Richard Hassler7
Elemental designsCyrus9
Can I bridge a 4-channel amp to a DVC sub?Isaac2
BEst SUBS@!#)(24Steve Mcnair15
Sub proplemAnonymous7
What to run off my PCX2400?Jason B.12
PLEASE HELP! About Rubber Surround!Needs Help14
Rockford fosgate 10's, should I use a sealed box or notBassManMIke3
Sub proplemAnonymous1
Will 200Watts RMS Underpower a Single Type-R 122D?HelpTheSubless1
Need to make a decision a.s.a.p.Rob Fox11
12" Kicker CVR vs. Kicker Solo Baric S12L7Subfanatic11
CABLE TELIVISION in your car? yeah rightJoe Smoe7
Thoughts on this system?Subfanatic17
Which Sub Should I Get?Subfanatic2
Hpf questionIsaac7
Quick QuestionTrevor Eaton6
Jonathan enclosure decisions cont...Jonathan4
Cuspid ???James Longo5
Jl w6-v2 ported or sealed?James Longo3
Sealed vs. PortedJames Longo2
AMP for 2 12' AtlasJames Longo4
Excursion specsPapa Bear1
Just ordered my avalanche! need your opinion though thanksTrevor Eaton1
NeEd To KnOw SoOntaylor176
Decent price for alpine sub?taylor178
Tuning a boxMawler695
Audiobahn systemtaylor173
Jeff Just wondering if you ever sold...taylor171
Audiobahn Subs????Jeff Loughrey9
What amp should i use for my Rockford Fosgate T112D2?Spark3
Kill switchabraham1
Glass, AmpsGlassWolf2
Friend wants a very cheap system, good sq sub, need helpLyonKing119
Suggestions on 15" sub 400-800 watt range?johnnysanz310
Cheap system with sqSubfanatic4
Songs with ALOT OF BASSSubfanatic34
1000watt ampHunter Warren2
Do i need a new battery or alt??Isaac6
Which will be louder/but also sqseeley31
Is it bad to have a 2.5 fared cap with only a 1000 watt ampSubfanatic5
I'm looking for some decent 10's.Vincent Vang8
Awsome High + Low songPharoh1
Sean, NEW CONCEPT, wondering to see what you would say!Subfanatic37
What hz levels are most sealed boxes?Jonathan73
Is this right?SLM898
Wireing optionsDavid Brunner4
Pyle Eternal Amps??Chris Langner7
PPI PCX 2200 Vs. JL 1000/1James Longo10
Anybody know where i can get jl 15" w3 for cheap?Brandon5
Quick question on wood selection for my boxhowie feltersnatch3
Running wires???Chris Langner5
What to do?????DC3
2 JL (Experts!!)Tay Brimley11
Sound stormsean2
How about this! Who is poundin harder?Subfanatic20
Porting a boxSLM8937
RE SX15 and JL Audio ampRickey13
How do i hook up my sub??Subfanatic17
Curious about wiring 2 subsSubfanatic6
Hey Check this out!!!!Subfanatic4
Sean! or anyone who cares!Subfanatic36
Subfanatic only!!!Subfanatic2
It's Official, this is what I'm installing in my Yukon!Ryan McCook13
How do you tune a box?Subfanatic19
Infinity BassLinkJoe Smoe3
Set of subs suggestionsSubfanatic22
Jonathan confirmation for enclosure Avalanche 15Joe Smoe17
Wirng on the omega BT12A sub wooferjack diaz1
Wiring ?Robert5
2 Sealed subsjon doe5
How are the Kicker 10" Cvr's for sq?James Longo10
12" ID MAX vs. 12" triple X vs. Avalanche.James Longo16
1100watts x x xJames Longo6
Need help!Subfanatic2
SubWoofer EnclosersSubfanatic2
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