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well guys, i just got off the phone with them, here is the convo, little into it of course lol

Me-"do u know when you are going to release and sell the prototype line to the public yet"
Guy-"We arent going to sell them to the public+
Guy-"why would we sell prototypes to the public"
Me-"why not"
Guy-"im just messing with you", and he continued to go on about me being an idiot with how i phrased the question lol. well this is what they told me

The prototype wont be realesed for at least another 3 months, there is a problem with a certain part and they are having some troubles with it, so have to work it out. And because they are not set on this part they could not tell me an estimated price. so thats that, and the abstard wouldnt let me buy myself into a waiting list lol

The amps
well the amps are all ready to go, they are waiting for the parts to get in and then assemble them and in less than a month and a half the amps will be realesed to the public.

The components
i didnt ask about this but i dont know if you guys looked yet but the re components are out already, AND HOLY CRAP lookat the magnet on that x.x.x component. HOLY P00P!!!!
i hope this helps guys

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What about the Group buy? Did you ask?

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yeah sub thats what I thought this was about when I first saw the post!

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Lol, sub, you gotta admit your question was pretty funny. Why would a company sell a prototype? That's what it is... a prototype, not fully developed yet. I'm glad to hear the amps are almost ready though, my buddy wants one to go with his x.x.x.

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haha yea nice stuff

Unregistered guest

Sorry I havnt been on latly, school.
College is hard for a lazy 18yr old.

w00t RE AMPS YHA!!! I hope this isnt a prank, Ill be really really mad if it is.

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naw they had amps before, but disconitued it. But people were saying that they're amps are overrated by alot.

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no, RE amps were on the highly reccomended part of the good amp bad amp list
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