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Mounting depthJeffrey D3
Help my friend outAnonymous1
What size of sealed box should i put my 15" alpine type R in??!?Blair Burnett1
RockfordJeffrey D1
500 watt subwooferAlan Girard1
Best sub with JL 500/1?Subfanatic2
TI or SX??Subfanatic6
"Gain" control on alpine amplifiersMark S3
Daytona BeachSubfanatic6
Private messages....Joe Smoe8
Are these amplifiers and subwoofers any good?Joe Smoe2
Please HelpJoe Smoe5
12 inch sell to me loldonny keen3
JL Audio 12W0 Brandon7
Good SPL SubsSubfanatic23
DUDES, WTF!!??!!johnny lemoine13
Soundsplinter Premium Series????brian sanderson4
What does this mean?J.W.7
Good Amp for 18" x.x.x. shroom seven16
Cubic ft for 2 10'sFishy24
Would it harm my subs to face them inside out in a sealed box?Mike52113
Anyone have plans for a bandpass boxDameion Livingston8
Port or Vent??kennykiefer8
Coustic brand nameDaniel Santos1
Phoenix Gold any good?Joe Smoe12
Not sure if this is the right forumJonathan5
RE MT 10" or just go for the RE X.X.X 18"?Babybrock4
Power Inverter???Subfanatic6
Quick Question..! Would this work?Frank-n-Beans6
Subwoofer question...J.W.8
How should i wire my subs for desired ohms?J.W.2
Need to learn moreJ.W.3
Quick !Setup question!J.W.3
Is it ok to hook up car subs to home stereo receiverAnonymous18
2 subs each 4 ohms can i run a mono amp 550 rms at 4 ohms?Subfanatic7
Sensitivity??Joe Smoe3
My Setup + Amp QuestionDan K5
Newbie here, quick question on amp setup!J.W.6
Got Something for sale? Post hereSubfanatic34
Need Advicebasslova5
4 ohm/ 2 ohm/ 1 ohm wiring????basslova3
RE SE or look for something else?scab128869
Cant waitsomethingredicolousi1
Not much moneynick_sq6
Prices on re subsfulton064
Want Subwoofer...but which one?donny keen34
Are Enclosures Important?RDS1110
Should I upgrade my 12W6v2 to 10W7? HELP!!James Longo4
Can i hook a car stereo crossover to my home stereo receiver.Mike52112
MDF or PlexiglassDarren T Wojtowicz7
Flanging/Radiusing a portMike52112
The BEST ever,,,,,,Jake Davis4
Hard time choosing RE subsDR MAX11
12 in sub for MTX Thunder282 280wattsjosh stahly1
Car Subwoofer ,BIG BASS small sizeStan Wojtalewicz2
WIRING HELP ON A SONYStan Wojtalewicz3
How to port subwoofer boxes?Stan Wojtalewicz2
The twoLoudest SPLSubfanatic20
Kicker cvrSubfanatic4
Avalanche Help PLEASE!!!Chief9
Help with port sizeIBryan Dowdy1
Question on wiring my Perfect 12.1 with BP 1200.1raymond may1
Digital design subs..?Chief3
Noob ohm questionnubbliit11
Amp wires?Jeff Fike3
12" RE triple X vs. 12" Eclipse Titaniumdave211
Zr360Jeff Fike1
X.X.X 2.1cf Ported 28hz - ok if smaller?Isaac6
Any one interested?Mike521112
12" Eclipse titanium vs. 12"JL audio W7 or W6v2Subfanatic9
Just answer it!!!Darren T Wojtowicz13
Decent system for under grandjoseph coulson4
W6v2 sealed, ported, or slot ported?joseph coulson8
Happy Easter!, read please... cause it really wasentDarren T Wojtowicz26
Where can i download songsjohnny lemoine17
SIlverado Ext Cab..CarlDJr8
2 12 audiobahn alum12q subs, need a box for them..... help me out a...Laurence L. Peirce1
1 12" 1222-D Type R Enclosure...SOS!Michael Heisig1
Something funnysomethingredicolousi5
JL 1000/1 on X.X.X.????????Gerard Pritchard10
Amp setup to an 18" MTChief3
Cap?johnny lemoine3
My system...kinda lol.. any suggestions??Richard Hassler1
Kicker L5's, HAVE TO SELLwillie_green1340
How to hook up my 2 10 inch w3v2 jl audio to my mono ampFishy2
Porting a box and setting it upRDS113
Jonathon!!! or anyone who can help, basslova, taylor, hunter, anyon...MO19
Solo baric 15basslova6
2 12" shiva's vs. 1 12" BrahmaRDS112
Need to find best amp for subsSubfanatic2
One of my subs sounds like s-hi-t HELP!!!nick_sq7
JL w0joseph coulson2
Help me make up my mind guysRobbie9
How would i hook up theses subs?James Longo2
Looking for part time job? Free Home Based Profit Opportunity!Jennie Kohovski1
Looking for part time job? Free Home Based Profit Opportunity!Jennie Kohovski1
How to configure my subs to my ampJames Longo2
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