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my cousin ws telling me a story about how he hooked up a JL w6-v2 to a wall outlet. it pounded for 3 hours and then they decided to unplug it. it still works to this day pounding away in my cousins car. goes to show how good jl subs really are.

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eh, thought it would be funny gues not

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I assume he had those voice coils wired in series. That way the thing was merely enduring a constant 1500 watts of nearly square wave input. I really don't think any sub could deal with 3 hours of that at 6000 watts.

P = (V^2)/R = 110^2/2 = 6050 watts

I'm not really sure I'm buyin it.

Sounds more like somethingredicolousyouhavetomakeup.


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yea, left that out, stil prety amazing tho
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