My system...kinda lol.. any suggestions??


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hey guys
as of right now i have
1 1200d orion amp
1 15" re X.X.X. sub
1 Clarion DXZ945MP head unit
... all is still in boxes and not setup

i currently drive a ford F-150 lariat with
2 mtx 12" road thunder subs with 2 tweeters in box
2 8" mtx subs (under back seats)
1 Clarion DB345MP
1 alpine mrd-m301 amp
1 alpine mrv-t420 amp
4 kicker dx57 coaxil speakers
... i had no part in designing that system.. my dads friends friend has a car audio shop in brockton ,mass, i asked dor 2 12W7's and some other good stuff and according to the guy who did it, my current system would be close to it.... while he charged us 2200$ ish...with no upgraded alternator (my lights dim so i bought a ho 200 amp alt to put all my new stuff in and take the old stuff out), and the guy did a pretty sh1tty instalation, 2 weeks after i got it stuff came loose and had to take it back to get fixed lol. so now i have i get the alternator and my truck dies!... $1300 later i get a rebuilt transmission in there and i get the truck back this weekend. so now i wanna trade in my truck in for a SUV in the next couple months(i think lol).

im thinkin bout gettin 1 more 1200d orion amp and 1 more 15" X.X.X to put it in, would that be overkill for a daily driver? and i would need what, 2 200 amp h.o. alts for that and the rest of my system ish?

now if i get a SUV. i would need speakers
.. i would like to use the two amps i have (alpine mrd-m301, alpine mrv-t420)... i can't really listen to speakers cuz i live in gilford NH and theres not much up here lol.
.. so ive been looking into mb quarts, infinity perfects, and boston accoustics. id like to spend about $300 ish on component. now what do i need(for an SUV). like a set of componts? would it be 2 speakers in the front doors and two midranges in the back doors... i dont know to much about components and stuff lol.

any help is appreciated!!!

my bad for the post in the speaker thread i meant to put it in here cuz theres more people talkin an isht lol
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