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Amp for Headphones?Jennifer312007-01-16 23:30
Amp A for Amp B?Andre Money72007-01-16 16:30
Found a NAD 3140, now to get it working...Gary Galvin32007-01-15 05:00
NAD 2140 AvailableGary Galvin22007-01-15 04:56
Use Of An Inverter?Andre Money52007-01-14 20:07
QED Silver Anniversary XT or Chord Carnival Silver Plus?J. Jarvis292007-01-10 15:51
Lindemann AmpsDENNIS BUSH12007-01-10 15:12
Component stacking order?M.R.72007-01-09 04:45
Marantz PM 94Jan Vigne42007-01-08 18:08
BUY THIS IN FLORIDA!Nuck42007-01-07 18:49
Multiple rooms of speakersJan Vigne112007-01-04 18:10
New to seperate amps....found a couple i'm interested in...opinions...Berny92007-01-04 16:50
Amp upgradeCiro Nigri52007-01-03 15:34
Suggest a good speaker cable, perhaps?J. Jarvis92007-01-03 13:08
Ampifier's current output ratingsVPI182007-01-02 19:37
First Correct answer, reduxNuck302006-12-31 03:54
Denon Amp and the Vienna Acoustics?Brian Necker52006-12-30 23:01
Bridging Non-Bridgeable AmpsJan Vigne112006-12-30 20:33
HK3380 Vrs Entry Level SeparatesStephen Munz122006-12-28 18:18
Yamaha Optical Input to Analog Connection ProblemsNuck22006-12-27 01:07
Drawings Needed of Sansui Receiver RZ5100AVIgal Oren12006-12-26 20:48
Newbie question re Niles 1260CT12006-12-26 00:19
Which amplifier conform to Tannoy Fusion 3develara52006-12-24 12:19
Anyone tried the Isotek GII Solus or similars products?Carlos Moreira12006-12-24 11:46
Anyone tried the Isotek GII Solus or similars products?Carlos Moreira12006-12-24 11:38
NAD vs. Rotel cost -to-quality comparisondevelara72006-12-24 11:32
Amp and Source SuggestionsMichael32006-12-23 00:55
Amp OutputNuck32006-12-22 22:46
It's the amp, stupidDan82006-12-22 00:48
Best song on YOUR kit?J. Jarvis322006-12-21 19:38
Cambridge audio remote volume only work with cd player?J. Jarvis12006-12-21 16:21
B&K 200.7 ?Nuck42006-12-21 01:00
Tube vs Solid StateJohn Boros132006-12-20 23:01
2 channel reciever, wouldnt this be the same as an amp?Nuck92006-12-17 14:55
NAD M3 - Outstanding Amp!Robert Hesson112006-12-17 06:31
Noise on ampian hopkins52006-12-16 17:19
Marantz PM7200 + subwoofer - HOW TO ??Nuck92006-12-15 00:00
I'd like a comparrison between NAD and Marantz please...Anubis372006-12-12 00:51
Best Budget Surround Receivers?kyle robinson162006-12-10 19:17
Money burning in my pocket what to get, what to get?budget minded162006-12-10 11:37
QM Sound SpeakersCheng Kim Wai12006-12-08 07:16
NAD Amp 304 Power ProblemNick Cleverley62006-12-03 07:38
To choose a tube full or hybridJan Vigne162006-12-03 00:32
NAD 320BEE + CAMBRIDGE AUDIO DVD 86/89???Art42006-12-01 17:31
AMC CVT2030 Bytesiz42006-12-01 04:02
Macintoch amp with Aiwa top of lineSven Eriksson32006-11-30 18:53
Amp working queryJan Vigne42006-11-30 15:03
Adcom GFA-7807Nuck72006-11-25 14:13
Nad 3130RAY ISAAC12006-11-25 09:45
£3k Amp AdviceNuck22006-11-24 21:28
Off topicNuck82006-11-24 19:28
Car Amp Inside?Nuck82006-11-24 00:22
Need help getting an ampGreg Marquart22006-11-23 18:23
Subwoofer Plate AmpPaul Larrea12006-11-23 02:23
Will this work to hook up a car amp insideLuvH8Luv172006-11-22 13:37
Help - new to this!!!Tim Dailey12006-11-22 05:20
Advice pleaseJonathan Myles52006-11-21 08:34
Musical Fidelity A3.5 or Primare I20 for Dynaudio 72SE ?angello22006-11-20 15:37
Yorick ross12006-11-20 07:57
Value of balanced connections?Frank Abela102006-11-17 14:55
Amp adviceJoe Schlicht82006-11-17 14:44
Kenwood KR-5400..Any info. ?LuvH8Luv12006-11-16 21:25
Hong Kong Tube ampDakulis222006-11-16 00:42
12v triggerDakulis32006-11-16 00:23
Poll: Behringer EP2500angello32006-11-10 13:46
Bi-ampChris42006-11-09 16:46
Is this a good deal for my home karaoke system?Nuck62006-11-08 01:24
Buy this amplifierJan Vigne1632006-11-07 03:42
Amplifier & Speaker combination problem, amp cutting out.... why?Joshua Mansfield102006-11-06 04:05
Adcom 555 bridging Nuck102006-11-05 23:06
NAD AV-716 problemsMaduin32006-11-04 18:13
Harman KardonBerny22006-11-01 21:32
NAD C372 ReviewJohn A.32006-11-01 19:53
Audiosourcekyle robinson92006-10-31 22:52
Receiver's outlet got no powerjohnny phan52006-10-28 18:41
After much soul searchingNuck3052006-10-28 01:47
Onkyo 703 or 674?Nuck52006-10-26 20:30
Difference between car amps and home ampsklez92006-10-26 15:55
Embarrassingly newb question - NAD C320BEEDan32006-10-24 18:08
Use Integrated Amp with 2 sources?Jan Vigne22006-10-24 02:01
Should i get new avr instead?Nuck52006-10-24 01:26
Amp for AthenasNuck132006-10-22 17:30
Preamp Vol and Power Amp Gain control...Jan Vigne32006-10-22 16:30
Integrated for dynaudio focus 140Bvan112006-10-22 04:09
Denon pma 1500 vs CA Azur 640A V2Birgir Freyr Birgiss12006-10-21 15:12
Where to audition Jolida in NYC ?Guillaume Gnech12006-10-20 18:00
What Cables to Use?Srinivas172006-10-20 12:59
Partnering NAD with Rotel, what will effect the sound most Procesor...Pramodapple32006-10-18 07:06
Arrived to be dead?Taylor Applegate12006-10-18 01:20
Advice for Outlaw 1070-Jmlab Chorus?Nuck22006-10-15 12:14
Help with McIntosh Amp and Bower&Wilkins speakersNuck52006-10-15 11:54
Can i atatch a amp and sum to y cd playerBerny62006-10-10 14:39
DIY Tubes- www.tubedepot.comheymaynard12006-10-09 21:02
Separates vs ReceiverJan Vigne32006-10-09 16:08
Amp cutting off ?Vinay Chainani32006-10-09 08:18
PC to amp problemHarry Grey42006-10-05 16:59
Zone 2 ampTommy Vastine42006-10-04 21:43
Mtx 9500Nuck32006-10-01 10:56
12V Trigger Output Oliver M. de la Cuev42006-09-30 15:14
Looking for input on system to match speakersStu Pitt62006-09-26 23:29
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