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HELP pansat 3500SD no qualityme ta3
Is CS 4000 up AND RUNNINGKayoss5
Some info about BEV...Need helpCanadian Mounty11
I feel like Im taking Crazy PillsAfrican3
Direct TV channels using a Pansat 2700Al Qui3
PANSATT 3500 International channel help neededdrao13
Need Help Please /ViewSat PlatiumNalin Nyda27
HDMI to RGBPlymouth7
Trying to get 118.7Yukon3
VS 2000 UltraJoe3
Cannot use more than 1 satellite?Nalin Nyda2
My P.S 2500 iz Freezing, Any Help???RTAP2
want to get 119 only with lnb CB2008A while using 20" dishdevin19
Finally there backgreg raf12
Multisat ... can it be converted to puffUpmanis7
Can any one explain this in a simple words...sada7
Maximum number of satellites using a DP44Nalin Nyda5
Rom 102 cardsdantetn2
Rev Wright Tiger Woods2
May Dishnet TV..PPV Movies, Events, Sportsgreg raf22
SV SETUP FOR 61.5 AND 118.7 AND 119African3
Having problem!Zunna16
Multisat ... can it be converted to puffBetterOffRed2
3 fta receivers to a wave frontier dish Nalin Nyda3
Warning to allTiger Woods11
Help with skew settingsMad Flea2
Murdoch Firm Accused of Sabotage, Hackers, TV pirateshp194518
USB to Serial Cable Help NW3
Can someone help me out?????NW30
Fox LA where did it goKangology 1014
Can you get both bell express and dishnet on same pansat 3500sdalton vann penny13
Dead pansat 3500Nalin Nyda8
I NEED 118.7W CW600 PREMEIUM salman khan1
No PPV 455joey baloney8
No signal no Level on my CW 600sAlexander Ramos1
Impressed with THE CODERS great workWhite Hawk2
SonicView 4000: Problem in quality signal of dish Echo 91.5The Coders2
HD ChannelsThe Coders9
Pansat 2700a question White Hawk6
New receiver questionNalin Nyda11
For those people who have starplus , star 1+ geo aggtvsada5
International chanelsMad Flea2
Deleated PostR D G9
Is there a new bin for captive worksYosanth22
Newbie questionsSemore Butts3
How to make Nfusion safeSemore Butts1
Star + star one ?African14
How do i get star + and star1 on my viewsat African5
Whats the diference between 118.7 and 118.8 ? Nalin Nyda24
Scramble or bad chanell on dishNW16
VS Platium / Remote channel selection bin #Nalin Nyda3
Help please!Nalin Nyda3
Fta voxalton vann penny5
Is Pansat 2700 Clone (2500-2700 PUFF) DOWN for everybody or just me...In trend3
SCrambled or bad chaneljames brody3
Please give me Globecast key or binNW2
Xrica X5 ReceiverLK3
Need adviceNW3
Is GC down?NW2
What happened to CrazyftaYosanth9
263B b-75 on a 2500-2700 conversionNW5
Viewsat xtreme 2000Silver6
Dead viewsat lite help plzAfrican2
Dish aimed wrong???African2
Help anyone.....STUCK ON CHANNEL 4 and 0kenroy sutherland5
puff to fortecjippii.com1
Having troublw with the pansat 3500, againmo1
Missing Horizontal transponders from 119, 110 and 148allen jay3
Dish 500 set upSemore Butts3
List of channelsJP5
Viewsat Platinum MIssin channelsjoseph n5
Freezing?Nalin Nyda29
I am leaving this site for goodgreg raf4
Nalin, Please Help.Nalin Nyda5
Which one is better 61.5 or 129 for HDvittu3
Is there goin to be a 264 b-75?NW4
Will DVT32+ LNB will work for 118.8 dish...sada5
Neusat SP6000 PremiumMax Edout1
Problems converting PanSat 2500 to PuffMETALLICA4
DesiFTA - Closed & Hacked!Nalin Nyda5
IPL results so farNalin Nyda8
NO EPG on international channel while using 118Nalin Nyda4
Magicjack... is this what king was talking about?dantetn9
This is bigTiger Woods4
Please: Need Urgent Help Regarding Pansat 2700 Original ReceiversWhite Hawk30
Is BEV down ?White Hawk10
Dish AlignmentWhite Hawk18
Sonicview Elite 360 Out Now & SupportedJames Lee2
Ariza / Incredible in trouble Hc27
ViewSat Plat.VS2000Superadman7
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