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Crossover for different speakers and SubMr Panesar1
Looking for some adviceBerny10
Surround sound problem - GunshotsStof27
Boston Acoustics: general impressions/reviews?AZ8
Speakers advice for Marantz SR5500Berny13
Totem Hawk - Do they have b@lls?Stephen Munz31
Anyone have these speakersjay cuba1
Cerwin Vega Experts / Which floorstander ?MO3
New System HelpEdster92245
Speaker WireFrank Abela10
Polk Monitor (50 or 60) vs Boston Acoustics (VR1)Berny6
Quad ESL-63John A.6
Please help with these speakersjay cuba8
Dynaudio Focus 110 vs. 52SEFrank Abela6
JBL E60 quick reviewsigsegv 0x0B20
Von shweikert VR-2Timn8ter6
Home depot speaker cablesNuck40
Upgrading ?tionEdster9223
Subwoofer helpbrian baker3
Wiring To PC Or TVNuck8
Any idea about Peerless Speakers?Timn8ter5
Can we trust AUDIO REVIEWS?Frank Abela8
Paradigm Monitor 5Rick Zmiejko7
JBL Speaker upgrade adviceMy Rantz14
Good speaker cables?Frank Abela45
More thoughts on Totem ArrosFrank Abela15
Klipsch KHC-6Peter Galbraith3
Replacing hi-fi speakers with car speakers?Berny7
Ohm acoustics FRS-11 speaker challenge!!!!!cousin_it3
Klipsch or Polk for center speaker?Steve Janko5
AElite sound problemsAlistair Lowe5
Tell me how ...John A.7
Aztec Seurat V'sNuck4
Building a stereo on a budgetDr. Bonk15
Anyone with Paradigm Cinema 220 experience?Scot2
Polk or KlipschMichael Cameron7
Cerwin vega Michael Cameron35
Oh my gosh...Stof12
Psb stratusNuck3
Klipsch RF-5 vs Paradigm Studio 60 v3 vs Studio 100 v3Gavin37
KEF vs Paradigm vs Definitive AudioNuck7
Celebrity ? Who Owns/Uses/Likes What ?Stu Pitt27
The future of home audioNuck17
Athena AS-F1's need some matesRick Zmiejko4
Silly dreams.Stu Pitt25
Big Decision between Klipsch SF-2 or 3, Pinnacle Classic Gold Tower...Gavin18
Jamo or Energy Front/Centre Speakers.Ray3
Speaker Reccomendation for Yamaha HTR5850Nuck16
Phase Flip FlopNuck9
Matching A Sub With B&W 804s SystemBerny2
After hearing the Alegria Audio Emma's....MO23
Redoing home audio - car vs. home speakersTimn8ter2
Active (amplified) speakersMichael Cameron16
New theory on sketchy reviewsNuck5
Speaker System with Two RCA InputsNuck11
Adding a Mediocre Sub to Good Speakers? Yes or No?Peter Galbraith6
B&W DM 602 and rotel RA-971My Rantz14
How to know specs of my old tower speakers ?BAD BOY3
ProAc Studio 125 - Speaker Positioning HELP!!Rush6
New Quad ESL modelsJohn A.10
Ebay speakersBerny2
Speaker selection advice.Jon Ang8
Can a 10" active outperform a 15" passive?Jan Vigne8
Matching QuestionRush5
ProAc Studio 110 vs Tablette Ref 8skareb25
Component cables for multi channel analog?Michael Cameron3
Polk Audio Lsi25Michael Cameron5
Help Please: Spkrs for HK 340 ReceiverMichael Cameron11
The world's best sounding stereo systemJohn A.23
Need info about Paradigm in CanadaNuck4
DK Design LSA Model 2 Speakers ?Richard1
Upgrading old B&W/Aragon systemJohn Grobman1
Beginner Question: Awkward set-upMarc Sherman3
Edster Will Like This - Hey, It's All About Timbre, NO?Dakulis44
Paradigm s4 Amp/Pre-amp choices?Steve6
I have a setup ? please helpTimn8ter6
Home theatre speakersNuck4
Classe and B&WNuck1
Speaker RecsJohn Varan1
Looking for good floorstandingTimn8ter37
How can you tell if you have a bad wooferJan Vigne18
Replace old woofers or buy new speakers?Ken Welsh15
Infinity SM112 v SM120dan donnellan1
Alegria Emma vs Athena F2.2 vs Ascend AcousticsArt Kyle23
From speaker wire to jack plug Timn8ter2
How do I wire this speaker?Srinivas4
In wall/ceiling for HT in great roomLoren3
ProAc, Dynaudio, Totem, Paradigm S2, Von Schweikert............Art Kyle58
Reviving my old amp(stereo)Edster9226
Good problem to have...Aragorn4
Hi All -- Who Knows About Acoustat Electrostatic Speakers?Berny4
Speaker phase?Timn8ter13
Replacing my "low-fi" Sony set with B&W, NAD & REL?Mike Machuidel6
Best way to break in new speakers?Frank Abela4
Paradigm Monitor 5's or ADP 370's?Etan Miller11
Dipoles for rear in 7.1?Jeffrey C.M. Hann3
Wife approval for a purchase, but which one PSB vs ParadigmDan12
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