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Quad 11L or 12L plus sub versus Quad 21LOnimushaLord21
FLUANCE? Are they for real?Peter Galbraith2
Rti12 matching receiverKano5
Slightly garbled sound in pro logic II in surrounds Anonymous5
Good quality floor speaker for home systemJuan Diaz34
Athena AS-R1 vs AS-B1 for surroundssinkdraiN2
Ohm-my. Seeking speaker impedance advice therealelitefan4
A really stupid speaker wire question?Berny8
Mordaunt Short Genie Vs KEF KHT 2005.2 Colin Gilder2
Speaker quandry: help pleasejohn abramson1
VERY slight distortion in surround speakersAnonymous3
B&W 804 v. Totem Forest v. Audio Physic New TempoJoe Zawadzki5
Magnepan vs. Europa, etc. Hawk-bait?Cornelius19
Which receiver with these speakers?therealelitefan5
Looking for floor speakersLuis Ascui1
Get rid of the Dunlavys?Cornelius2
Kef Q4D.Marsden3
Speaker grills?Seth12
2-4 year old solid 5.1 receivers?Seth6
What Speakers?Frank Abela2
M...BUT, I know I don't have the proper amplification or source for...Aaron Ruland1
SoundStage Tower speakersriboflavin10
B&W Ds6...cc3..602s3 and Marantz sr4500landroval19
Best speakers?chadaway3
Paradigm or Monitor Audio and what receiverharish venkataraman7
What gauge speaker cable?Christopher M.8
I heard H/K as changed 5 times of owner in 6 years ?mr. bowman17
5.1 Creative altec philips logitech?!Ben Mckay2
Boston acousticsChristopher Lee1
Celestion Model 100Captain Hi-Fi1
Home Theatre Speakers to PCAnonymous1
B&W 603 and Yamaha 750?51432911
Help matching speakersBaldev Grewal2
Axiom vrs PolkDel D9
Need help!!! polk RM 6800 vs. klipsch Quintetdaven99993
Wharfedale Diamond 8 series: Pro's & Con'sIve5
NAD T743 receiver with Mission M34s?Maknij1
Newbie Question: Can I run multiple speakers off one receiever?Todd1
Maritn Logan Setup, will 16 Guage cables do?Neil8
Marantz sr4500 with wharfedale diamonds?????????vols4
Speaker recommendationstherealelitefan2
DCM KX12 Series 2 Speakers for SaleBassman2k1
Klipsch vs. JBL davenewbie6
Holy Crap! I don't believe I just dropped that!bob fox7
NHT 2.5i... Please Help with Int. Amp ChoiceDJ1's1
Bi-directional or front-firingtherealelitefan6
Recommendations for speakers: Arcam, large roomFrank Abela6
Speaker choice for Onkyo 901James Lee3
Bi-directional or front-firingKanchan Das1
Best slim speaker set?Tavish Ledesma15
Wharfedale Diamond 8 Series (8.1, 8.4, 8 Center) vs Infinty Primus ...booker11
Magnat Vintage 650 - Any good?scooter19991
Speaker suggestions for NAD 320BEEMyki17
B&W 603 s3 Burn inAnthony10
Polk vs. jbl vs klipschfallsinquestion3
International Voltage for Stereo SystemRay6
Cheapest speaker website?mauimusicman2
Are Gemini Speakers Any Good?Max Bloom1
Cambridge Soundworks Ensemble II vs Paradigm Studio 60 v.2Jarrett Magsig1
Speakercraft vs ???Scott M5
Speaker Setup Help! PleaseMax Bloom1
Marantz SR7400 with Quad 12L??? landroval4
Speakers for Sony Receiver STR-DE#995GWCCS1
Floor Speakers Choice (Klipsch, Paradigm, Energy, Axiom)Baldev Grewal10
Can I connect Bose cube directly to ReceiverBerny2
Speakers for Denon 3805Baldev Grewal6
Bronze or Silver Series MA?Baldev Grewal6
Orb SpeakersEpic6
Which speaker for Pioneer Elite 54therealelitefan9
Stereo speakers with yamaha rxv 540therealelitefan2
New speakers, can I listen to them?VGT Vidz3
Dynaudio, Spendor, Paradigm should ...Daniel9
Speaker Poll?Peter Galbraith17
Like your Bose Accoustamass speakers?Christopher Lee18
206 head unit not working, does anyone know why?phil Brooks1
Oh yes.... the newbie asks for help on speaker set-up.Kano11
Stereo setupChristopher Lee1
Sony SS-414's. Old speakerscollector3
Speakers for SET (13 watt EAR 859)Peter Galbraith2
Wiring for 3-pairs of speakersScott M2
Bose 3-2-1 vs. Athena'aLuis A.17
Is this a good set upBerny3
Please help me to pick a systemKano5
HELP, what speakers for this setup.Peter Galbraith5
Speakers for rotel rx-1052Frank Abela2
Review of Martin Logan MontageJonathan1
Spacing in Speaker boxMatt Kippelen1
Finally experiencing infinity primus 150's in their glory!put name here2
What about Cerwin Vega's?Marc C4
Monitor Audio Radius Series: I love them, how about you?Christopher M.4
Help needed....speakers for HK AVR525harish venkataraman14
Bose cube speaker with Philips subwoofer?Go Home4
Confused about impendence, help?jlindsey861
Passive speakers w/ Audigy cardslandroval4
Has any one listened to Streem speakers?Tanner Toombs2
Wharfdale and Bose, strange brew...Paco1
How long does it take a speaker to "break-in"Slade38
What would you buy for +/- 1000$ Peter Galbraith11
Vandersteen + Arcam and comments on NAD Michael2
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