Which receiver with these speakers?


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I was looking at the reference series from Klipsch, but recently heard the SF series and thought they sounded pretty good for the money.

I am looking to get the folloring:
SF-3 towers
C-3 Center
S-2 Surrounds
KSW-10 sub

I may want to go one size smaller on the towers. I mostly will be watching TV and movies. In the $500 (plus/minue $100) range, what would you recommend?


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Numerous posts cite Harmon Kardon as great match with Klipsch speakers. Being a former Klipsch owner, I tend to agree.

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Check out the Elite vsx52 at for $539. Elite's warmth helps tame the brightness of Klipsch. A co-worker bought the Elite 59 from them and had a very postive experience. Also Marantz would be a good choice and has the Marantz 5400 for $449 assuming they have it in stock as it is being replaced soon.

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Thanks for the advice. I really am a fan of the Pioneer from previous systems and think it will probobly be an easier system to use. For what I am setting up, is there and benefit to looking at the vsx54 as opposed to the 52?

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I would get on Pioneer's website [] and look at both of them and see what you think. I do know the 54 is about 6 pounds heavier so it must have a beefier power supply. I don't know what features might appeal to you so print out the specs and take your time and compare. Good luck.
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