Ohm-my. Seeking speaker impedance advice


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Folks, I may be getting worked up about nothing, I don't know, so thought I'd better consult the band of experts I've come to rely upon.

I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-45TX 100W per channel at 8 ohms, a Monitor Audio Gold Center, pr of GR10's, and about to collect a demo unit pair of GR 20's-the price of which is hard to pass up. I've learned the 20's are 6 ohm speakers, the other 3 speakers are 8 ohm.

Should I change the 45's ohm setting to 6 ohms? I suspect I should. Heat issues, correct? But does that in effect mean the receiver treats all the speakers as 6 ohm's? And does doing so affect the sound somehow? Does it tax the receiver?

That leads to the big question: I know the Elite 45 is a darn good receiver but am I asking too much of it to drive these MA Gold's?

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I have the Elite 45 and know how good it is and also have a MA Silver system that is a mixture of 6 and 8 ohm speakers and have not changed setting from the factory preset and have had no problams at all and in fact even after all day of heavy usage it doesn't even get very warm. As you say you can change the setting to 6-8 but and I have thought about doing so but in my experience it doesn't seem necessary. The 45 is fully capable of driving the MA Golds with no strain whatever so change the setting if it will ease your mind and crank it up. You have my complete envy as to the Gold 20's. Really incredible speakers and I would love to have them but in my room a floorstander just isn't the best way to go. I have thought about "upgrading" to the Gold 10 from my Silver 2's but I don't think it's worth the money, at least not yet. Enjoy your great system and I wish you lived next door so I could hear it.

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You've come to my aid once again and I do appreciate it; if you lived next door I'd say bring over your favorite CD for a listen. If it's heavy metal, I'll cope. ;) When the eager salesguy you don't particularly click with says "aw, the Elite'll handle them just fine, no problem!" you can't help but raise a little red flag.

You're right, the extra expense of the Gold Reference line is definitely considerable. Had my local shop carried the Silver line I'd more than likely have gone with it and been very happy about it, too. The bright side, at least this is what I tell myself for justification purposes, is that: while putting together a system that I can be happy with til senior citizen deafness do us part, I've gotten 20-25% off retail for the 10's and center; the Elite, brand new, via Audiogon from a shop in Minnesota last year for somewhere around $575. The demo 20's, provided they are in as excellent a condition as I'm told they are, will cost $1750. So still a lot of bucks to be sure, but decent savings can be had with a little luck and patience.

I'll share this in the hope that maybe there are deals to be had where you all live, too: the smallish chain where I bought the 10's and Center a year or so ago ...Now! Audio/Video in NC.... was bought out not too long ago by Tweeter's. I'm told Tweeters won't be carrying MA anymore. I'm not sure if that's a nation-wide Tweeter trend but if it is .... in doing a little research I'm noticing that Tweeters appears to be in the process of buying up smaller competitors, so to those on a mission for MA speaker deals, keep your eyes and ears open.

Thanks again. :-)

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Those are certainly great prices for the Elite and the 20's. $575 is just incredible. My favorite cd would not be heavy metal, but my favorites lately are Mark Knopler, Darden Smith, Kasey Chambers and Kathleen Edwards. They all sound great on my system and would be even better on yours. I am very jealous.
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