Holy Crap! I don't believe I just dropped that!


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Yes friends... we all know it's not nice to drop things on to hard concrete surfaces, but I did just that.

I bought a pair of Athena AS-F2s... Was moving them on a small cart that had enough surface area to stand 1 on there plus enough to support half of the bottom of the other speaker. So both speakers are standing upright. The second speaker is fine and easy to transport like this as long as you keep hold on it, otherwise it will start to tilt then fall.

WEll, that's what happened. I forgot the precarious situation of my second speaker and it fell... 4 inches above the ground, a tilt that took that sucker from upright to flat on the pavement (90degrees!). And what a tremendous noise because the whole side hit the pavement at the same time!

The speaker was double boxed, brand new. It made one hell of a sound, but opening up and the speaker looks fine. Haven't been able to test it cause I'm waiting for a replacement receiver... but freakin' christ I was and am scared I must have trashed the internal parts of that speaker!

Got my fingers crossed all is well. looks fine, and nothing jiggles inside... so we'll see.

Just thought I'd share my fun experience.

Thanks all.

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Ouch. Enough said. :-(

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Dynamic speakers are pretty robust. As long as nothing came loose inside the cabinet, such as wiring or crossover parts, and there is no visible damage to the cabinet, I think things should be ok. At least the speaker was still in the box.


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Hopefully the magnet on the driver didn't shift. ouch.

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Hoooboy, that was a painful description. Hope everything still works! Any extended warranties:-)?

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Provided the speaker cabinet hasn't been broken, it is VERY unlikely that any damage would have occurred to the components of the speaker. If it was in its box, it's even less likely that any damage would have been suffered. Trust me when I say that the packaging (and speaker) has to deal with a lot worse than that when in transit. It seems that the courier companies don't understand what the word 'fragile' means.


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OUCH is right. made me think of my own less than pleasant experience. have had a pair of irreplaceable yamaha NS-1000 monitors for 28 years and LOVE them. moving, i did exactly the same thing and one fell right on it's face - kabooom! unfortunately, the magnet in the woofer shifted causing the diaphragm to "freeze" - bye bye woofer. luckily i found a yamaha replacement woofer (about $200) and was able to install it myself - sounds great once again, but you cant imagine the anxiety and feelings of dread when you think one of your speaker's is dead and there's no way to fix or replace it. oops, gotta go - just thinking bout it is making me break out in a rash.
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